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Can the BDI reach the December 2013 levels?

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed earlier on today at half the level as of the end of December 2013! It gained 61 points ending the day at 1,145 points – as said above, more or less half of what it was in December 2013, the time after which the Markets begun their downfall, skyfall to be more precise reaching in February this year 290 points! The Geopolitics on the other hand, keep all on Planet Ocean guessing. Never ever before humanity come to such a situation which could lead to many disasters if we don’t tackle appropriately all burning issues. John Faraclas’ daily briefing:

The Capers’ BCI 2014 clinched another 159 points and now at 2,441 “aim” high… The irony is that we have been experiencing ups and down every other week, so let us be thankful, but cautious!

The Panamaxes’ BPI was also on a triple digit plus modus with an excellent figure for the period, that of 101 points and now reads 1,263 points.

As you can see the rise was great and interesting for both these major sizes… On the …antipode of the Dries, both the Supras and Handies gains were minimal; the BSI and BHSI ended the day with nine and seven points plus at 722 and 443 respectively; tough, but obviously better plus rather than minus points.

The Wets last published figures for the BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 740 (no change) and 411 a plus thirteen points!

The price of WTI stood just above the US$ 45 – 45,33 to be more precise.

The Geopolitics continue to worsen and I guess all risks assessors much find it difficult to access the current turbulent situation enfolding:

The MIGRANTS? Far worse than yesterday…

The USA Presidential Election makes all guessing of what’s next to come following the election of Donald Trump…

BREXIT still to give tsunamis all over…

Greece tries hard with some of its remaining strong friends – like outgoing US President Obama who during his two-day official visit in Athens, insisted on saving Greece, but …the Germans disagree… Mind me, this disagreement might backfire.

Many European nations are in financial dire straits and I am afraid of a total mess…

The Euro and the US Dollar are in a critical parity…not to mention the Sterling…

Turkey tries to gain the momentum and turn upside down the entire region, finding as an excuse the terrible and despicable Syrian saga…

Putin’s Russia continues its advancement in many fronts… what’s next… after Syria? And what’s going to happen in Ukraine and other hot-spots that the Kremlin is eyeing?

China mainly re-affirms its position as a great trading centre with trillions of exports, but this might come to an abrupt end… meantime Japan is watching from the background…

The main stock markets today had, all of them, minimal losses; but they are losses…

Interesting events today in the British capital; at the IMIF’s monthly gathering on The “B” Atlantic Case at Stephenson Harwood premises, Simon Moore and Paul Hofmeyr did their best for an interesting but also difficult case which does continues; hope when same ends to gather again and discuss/debate …the end result. A very complicated case I have to admit!  We will furnish you in due course with a write-up.

The second event/debate at the House of Lords under the Chairmanship of Lord Lothian, organised by MEC (Middle East Consult) on “The Future of Greece” with three distinguished speakers at a full house in Committee Room 3A. Greek MP Harry Theochari, Dr. Dimitri Tsomokos and Michael Parker put their arguments forward. Good to hear four interesting questions and a statement!

Tomorrow we shall see the issue of stability, a much needed ingredient particularly in our shipping adventure. The challenge is great. So let’s see what Prof. Grammenos’ Brigade will offer us on the two days biennial 8th City of London event with an excellent and timely theme: “Striving for stability in a high uncertain world”.

Have a good evening and be on guard for every eventuality, including natural disasters!

P.S. Just to …stir you up a bit, on a nice way of course: despite what we write, we strongly believe that this is the best ever buyers’ market ever experienced over the last 40 years!

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