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LISCR’s Christmas drinks and dips at the Baltic

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l to r: Costas Ladas, Scott Bergeron and Hilary Spilkin

l to r: Kostas Ladas, Scott Bergeron and Hilary Spilkin

The second Christmas event of the day was organized by LISCR’s London office. LISCR administers the Liberian Registry which was established in 1948 and today ranks as the second largest in the world. The drinks and appetizers event took place at the temple of British Shipping, the Baltic Exchange in the heart of the Square Mile; Iris Liaskoni was there with her camera:

With many from the top echelon of international shipping’s stakeholders, and the warmest welcome by the hosts – that was the perfect setting for this annual Christmas event, the reception at the Baltic’s Bar was more than a great success!

A full house at the Baltic's bar

A full house at the Baltic’s bar

We had the pleasure to meet again, among the respectable management officers and personnel of LISCR, Scott Bergeron CEO –  and Hilary Spilkin – Managing Director of the Corporate Registry from the Washington offices, and of course Kostas Ladas of the UK office, who was as always an excellent host. The hosts ensured in creating a warm and pleasant environment, with fine spirits, refreshments and dips, but most importantly, by inviting all those friendly people we met and discuss with, making the event a great opportunity for an excellent network interaction in a pre-Christmas jovial mood!

Many thanks to the management of The Liberian Registry, for offering us those nice moments, as well as all the people who contributed in organising the event, and making it unfold so pleasurably.

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