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Sailors’ Society Wellness at Sea conference, Singapore 17 Jan 2017

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Sailor's Conf 17 Jan 2017 SporeIn 2015, Sailors’ Society launched its Wellness at Sea coaching programme. This initiative was developed in response to a call from within the industry to address the issue of poor mental health and the associated risks that can arise as a result of a life at sea.

The vast majority of incidents occurring at sea are attributed to ‘human error’. However, this term disguises a variety of underlying problems such as fatigue, poor mental health, stress and other issues affecting seafarers in their daily work.

The impact of these can be the difference between safe transit and an incident with a major cost to the company. The Wellness at Sea Conference 2017 will address the key factors affecting seafarers’ on-board health and wellbeing.

We will offer holistic ways to improve crew wellness and will explore how this will not only improve safety and efficiency, but also contribute directly to the bottom line.

The event has been designed for leaders in both strategic and operational positions. Whether a board level director interested in the financial impact of crew welfare or manning staff dealing with crews on a practical level, this event is for you.

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