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New Zealand haven for hot money: Daily Wealth Letter

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New Zealand haven for hot money

A flamboyant Malaysian financier linked to an international money-laundering probe has laid bare New Zealand’s surprising appeal as a destination for the ultra- rich to park their wealth, the Straits Timesreports.  READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2017/02/10/new-zealand-haven-hot-money/

City’s future increasingly bleak

Brexit could result in London losing its status as the financial “gateway to Europe”, according to one of Germany’s most influential banking regulators.  READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2017/02/10/citys-future-increasingly-bleak/

HSBC ‘may have missed the boat’

Asia focused HSBC is keen on making acquisitions in wealth and asset management. Over the past few years while HSBC was naval gazing, Asia has seen several deals completed. Has HSBC missed the boat again?  READ MORE: http://thewealthforums.com/2017/02/10/hsbc-may-missed-boat/

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