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Euvic Launches Digital Business Transformation Offer

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Bring innovation to your organization faster and with as much agility as possible with Euvic’s Agile and DevOps-based ideation and software development services

Gliwice, Poland, 16/02/2017 – Euvic, Poland’s leading Agile and Mode 2 sourcing provider, has launched its new IDeation-as-a-Service (IDaaS) and Agile Dev Factory services. Using IDaaS, you can test and verify your new digital business ideas within days or weeks. Then you can have them delivered through Euvic’s Agile Dev Factory.

Euvic’s new offer is addressed in particular to medium and large companies as well as start-ups from Western Europe and North America that want to speed up the process of verifying, testing and delivering their new digital ideas based on the Agile and DevOps principles.

If you choose to test your idea with Euvic, you will have an opportunity to interact with the company’s most brilliant IT architects, business analysts and developers. The ideation team will work with you based on a well-structured process that consists of four tiers and uses a lean start-up approach. You can experiment with important emerging technologies included in Gartner’s hype cycles or repurpose the use of well-established ones, analyse use cases and monetization options and build a prototype of your application.

“Our clients have plenty of bright ideas but they are often not able to test them fast enough to find out if they prove themselves in practice. For this reason they usually do not pursue those ideas at all or start a project without adequate preparation. This observation inspired us to offer to them and to other businesses a possibility to capitalize on our experience in many projects that started from ideation and ended with delivering the ideas. We have developed our own unique approach to that,” said Wojciech Wolny, CEO at Euvic.

Euvic’s IDaaS offers the option of deliberate effort duplication at the key stages of the ideation process to enable different approaches to the same tasks. Thus, you can have two ideation teams working to visualize your idea. Then, you pick the bits you like best and Euvic combines them into one solution. At the final stage of the ideation process, the IDaaS team uses market survey to evaluate the prototype and next draws up a clear plan of how to create the final application, what resources are needed, how much it will cost and how long it will take. All of this within up to 6 weeks.

After the ideation phase, Euvic can deliver your idea through its Agile Dev Factory. It is a form of IT sourcing, created by Euvic to bring innovation to your organization faster and with as much agility as possible. With Agile Dev Factory you can get the right people to do the job for you very quickly. They can work both onsite, from Euvic’s local delivery centres, and remotely, depending on their role and current project needs.

“It gives you the peace of mind after the ideation stage – access to a large pool of cost-effective developers with broad technological skills, easy team scaling and management, quicker start of your new projects. Our approach enables you also to introduce KPI-based settlements and to take advantage of all the benefits associated with the agile and DevOps-based software development,” added Wojciech Wolny.

Among those benefits are the delivery of functioning software components within days or weeks and being able to respond to unpredictability and changing or late requirements. That makes it an ideal approach for smaller and medium-sized new digital business projects, also because you can plan the needed external resources to the hour.

You can find out more about Euvic’s IDaas and Agile Dev Factory offer here: www.euvic.com/digital.

Additional information about Euvic

Euvic is Poland’s leading sourcing IT provider. It can help you to make your business more cost-efficient and agile, affording you easy and flexible access to highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce. Euvic employs 1,700 developers and has 900 active customers around the world. The company’s headquarters are in Gliwice, Poland, and it has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and the U.S. You can find more information at www.euvic.com.

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