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Contained “stability” as Capers fall…

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained only five points since yesterday and this seems to bring up the falling story of the Indices yet again; volatility and uncertainty at its best. John Faraclas and Anny Zade report on the Markets, Geopolitics and the Euro-crossing trip:

The BDI at 1,338 points becomes a liability so to speak. Wonder the valuers of tonnage how they will express the coming fall…

The Capers’ BCI 2014 lost ten points and now reads 2,755…

The Panamaxes where on a plus mode but slightly down in gains; a plus 40 points, reduced from the last two days (Mon and Tue 27-28/3) when it gained 35 and 53 points respectively. At 1,346 though the BDI “looks” close to “sustainable” levels… but…

The Supras were down eight points, with the BSI at 885 – caution here too…, and the

Handies’ BHSI managed to clinch three points reaching 538 points…

I guess that tomorrow we might see the fall of the BDI and this will come at no surprise to us…

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) ended the day with 802 points – up three and 792 points – down 11 respectively.

On a plus mode the WTI ended up at US$ 49,50 as these lines are being written… Let’s hope it remains below the US$50 mark…

The Geopolitics more or less remained the same and basically our interest was concentrated in the forthcoming French presidential elections and reactions of the Continentals on BREXIT and Migrants.

It seems now to us that Macron and Marin le Pen will comfortably reach the second round as the other three candidates will eat their heart out – that is a personal assessment…

As for the BREXIT, I guess there will be misunderstandings and one should be prepared for a long and winding road… There is a wrong envy of the Continental Europeans against the British encouraged one way or another by the German factor; again this is very personal assessment…

The MIGRANTS are causing more mess and we have witnessed a few things too during this trip… until this point and we expect more on the way…

Cannes; the Carlton Hotel

Our day in Cannes – a full morning there was more than interesting strolling down the famous seaside promenade with the magnificent buildings and shops for the world’s fans who come here, others as staunch “supporters” of this famous city’s entertainment and shops – which have everything you can imagine, others for the casinos and high life and others during the Cannes Film Festival.

Nowadays we also have the chance to see Russians and a few others from the former Iron Curtain countries who made it back here “bringing” also the last Tsar’s days… It is not a nostalgia, it is a reality.

Cannes palm-tree promenade

This year is the 70th Anniversary and this year’s events begin in six weeks time – 17 to 28th of May. The poster of this Anniversary’s Festival features Italian legend actress Claudia Cardinale, one of our …times super darlings! She gave a very touching statement vis-à-vis the picture depicting her whilst she’s dancing in the rooftops of Rome…

Cannes’ sandy beach – swimming begins here

For us though given the book organised by AllAboutShipping on my Memoirs, which we intent to make it a film – already announced it, and why not win the top award here too! Desire and adventure is all about “Black Sea Manoeuvres”, so you are …warned of our intentions!


A short film from Cannes, sends the message:

Our next stop Monaco, the Principality with its unique history; its very ancient history dating back to the Greek and Roman antiquity. Since 1297 Monaco has become part of the Grimaldi family.


For the Greeks though, except as mentioned above its historical links from antiquity when the port attracted at its early stages Phoenician and especially Greek seafarers was also, along with Marseilles, the only coastal city-state of ancient Greece (polis) cited by the Greek Historians before the birth of Nice (Nikaia) and Antibes (Antipolis). Remind you all that the Phoenicians transmitted the legend of the God of Tyre (Tyros), Melqart, who in ancient times was known as Herakles by the Greeks and Hercules by the Romans!!!

The modern era figure Aristotle Onassis and its legacy, as well as – until today, some prominent Greek origin shipping entities, maintain there the immortal Greek maritime spirit!

Monaco remains until today an international business and shipping centre; there has been a rapid economic development in banking conferences, health, real estate, research consultancy, tourism, transport to name the basics. The environment too as well as arts and scientific activities do flourish and will continue to improve. Last but not least, Monaco is interwoven with sports.

Yachting and Car Racing in particular is the name of the game… on-board and ashore as we say in shipping! The Monaco Marina is one of the best organised marinas in the world! In my …past life as a ships sale and purchase broker I did come across some yachts having the price tug of cargo ships, thus being… viable and interesting for a US$ 10,000 (i.e., the one centum commission) denoting the US$ 1 mio price… Have also visited the Marina in the early 80’s and today’s visit brought back all the S&P and …social memories.

Monaco; the marina and at the centre the Yacht Club de Monaco

The Yacht Club de Monaco was a great and interesting experience. We spend with Anny Zade an hour there being informed by its officials of the events taking place. We were guided in the super shop and in the offices and the professionalism of all was above any expectation; sheer professionalism.

Monaco entertains the visitor with whatever you can imagine; the sea park, the Jardin Japonais and the breath-taking view restaurants, bars and coffee-shops all overlooking the Western/Central Mediterranean Sea. Security was at the highest level.

at the Jardin Japonais

We were very pleased on this City-port of desire-to-visit that keeps a great environmental code and we can certainly vote same with Singapore as the two most cleanest cities on Planet Ocean.

Thousands of tourists from all over Planet Ocean very disciplined too and environmentally prone!!!

It was a great day weather-wise as you can see from the pictures as well as from the live video by Anny Zade here below:



The next stop was to be Genova and its port but we encountered heavy traffic outside and within the City-Port so we aborted any stay which could have spoiled our timetable hence we missed also our visit to pay  our tributes to Achille Lauro Mansion – a listed building which James Brewer covered in his excellent account last year…

On our way to Porto Rapallo for our overnight’s stay before embarking tomorrow for Portofino.

The excellent autostrada was a relief after a very long day trying to work out our programme. We must admit that Italy’s autostradas and tunnels are in an excellent condition and that’s a plus for a country heavily indebted with incalculable repercussions that might surface – and going for a BBB soon…

…enjoying super at Ristorante da Monique, the fish restaurant with maritime memorabilia, maps, charts you name it

The lovely family-run Miro Hotel situated at the waterfront was more than cosy than anticipated. Small, clean and lively with unique architectural features – high ceilings and balconies overlooking the waterfront…

Dinner at the unique Ristorante da Monique on Lungomare Via Veneto – opposite the famous Antico Castello or Castello di Rapallo a point of reference for this small port and beyond! The entire Riviera Ligure is magnificent!

AllAboutShipping fully supporting Maritime Tourism as well as Sea-sports – Sailing and yachting, Rowing, you name it, and to all intents and purposes fully recommends holidays here!

Anny Zade in front of the Antico  Castello

Wish you all have a nice evening and be on guard for every eventuality wherever you are from Pirates and Terrorists.

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