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Venezia Terminal Passeggeri wins the appeal from Adelte

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Galliano Di Marco


The Court of Appeal in Barcelona entirely rejected the appeal initiated by Adelte (formerly known as TEAM), a Barcelona-based company specialised in the design of passenger gangways, against the first instance sentence by the Tribunal in Barcelona, regarding an alleged plagiarism committed by VTP in the design of its SBB passenger gangway.

During both instances of the trial, Adelte’s allegations were judged baseless, thus clearing the authenticity of the design of the passenger bridge and VTP’s intellectual property. Many of VTP Engineering’s projects and equipments are a result of the twenty-year experience in managing such a complex port, as the one in Venice, and are being implemented successfully. For instance, the Multipurpose Boarding Tower (MBT), a revolutionary solution that facilitates the boarding and disembarkment of passengers from cruise ships, is a unique case in the world, like the Ship Boarding Bridge (SBB), an innovative gangway which responds to the current needs of today’s cruise ships. “This sentence confirms the authenticity and the innovation behind VTP Engineering’s solutions, a subsidiary of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A, and opens new commercial perspectives” stated Galliano Di Marco,

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