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The Markets dive, the geopolitics are messy, terrorism must be smashed here and now!

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was down 16 points at 918, Geopolitics continue to be messy all over, and Terrorism must be smashed here and now as excuses are, at best, SILLY! John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The BDI approaches the 900 point mark and if same is broken then you better dive in an empty pool… Wonder what has happened with the criticism on the analysts’ and brokers’ projections from January 2014 onwards, eh!

The Capers’ BCI 2014 lost 59 points and now stands at 1,595… Caution? What are the risk assessment measures taken for this specific type of ship performance? Volatility is one thing; there are more issues though…

The Panamaxes managed to survive with just one point down and the BPI  now reads 848… Caution…

The Supras’ BSI  was down nine at 728 points, and

The Handies’ BHSI lost five points and now read 473 points.

So, a …high and dry  market with losses all around, but at the same time many transactions are taking place – a good time for the S and P brokers. Some owners are doing well, and sincerely hope that they will thoughtfully carry on with their new acquisitions as many are buying entire fleets. We shall see their capabilities. Other owners listed or unlisted are faced with losses, controlled or otherwise… Messy developments particularly in the absence of orthodox ship-finance…

The Wets were both up; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) gained four and 18 points and now stand at 825 and 538 points respectively.

Containers are in a bit of a mess; check the rates and the long (?) period charters and let us know; equally the majors are facing issues too…

The WTI as these lines are written stands at US$ 51.59 – CAUTION as every cent above the US 50 mark creates more poverty to the poor masses and it might ignite a social upturn. We live in recession times despite the figures we read; that’s the home truth… There is a feeling though that the price will drop…

The Geopolitical events continue to be the same with the MIGRANTS on top still dominating the news; the Wars in Syria and Iraq are getting messy for the people there and the wider region due to the MIGRANTS who as a tsunami move out and destabilize all European Nations social cohesion. The latest developments on the Greek Island of Chios in the Eastern Aegean Sea tells it all; needless to say what happens on other islands too. SHAME!!! The entire Middle East could be very soon in flames… from the wrong policies of the superpowers!!!! CAUTION. Taking side is what has destroyed the Middle East Peace process; end of the story!!!

The Turks stand to even upsetting their NATO partners and EU given the Austrian – Turkish relationship going sour vis-à-vis security issues, but NATO managed last Monday to create a wording for cooperation of its members and Austria which in my view surpasses Turkey’s obstacles. There is always a way…  Turkey cannot continue with its blackmail and other tactics to go ahead against all others, particularly nations it borders with… One day, and let’s hope very soon, Turkey will be declared as a pariah state – just wait and see. In the meantime we all hope president Erdogan comes down to his senses before he comes down to his knees.- Turkey MUST here and now stop violating Greece’s and Europe’s airspace as well as its territorial waters. ENOUGH!

Greece next door suffers from oblivion with its politicians and their cronies ONLY to blame for the state of affairs eight years in this despicable situation. The Greek public must WAKE up and act accordingly! The European lenders/pesters too… We provoke the Greek Government and its Prime Minister together with the lenders/pesters including Germany’s minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaeuble and the head of the IMF Mrs. Christine Lagarde for a live TV debate.

In the meantime we have just learned from Athens and the mass media here ( 17:30 BST) that Greek ex-PM Lucas Papademos, his driver and possible one or two more others in his car were injured following an explosion. He suffered chest injuries and his driver leg injuries and are now in hospital. Papademos was the vice president of the European Central Bank and prime minister of Greece  from November 2011 until May 2012. (update 17:30 BST)

The situation is not only the one we have mentioned in our past reports extremely dangerous from the Straits of Gibraltar up to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses down to the Horn of Africa; what about the Balkans, not just the West Balkans… CAUTION…

In the United Kingdom BREXIT continuous and as said same will reshape Planet Ocean to all aspects.

The Manchester Arena drama must awake NOT just the entire political establishment in the United Kingdom, following the despicable Islamist atrocities, but all European States, needless to say beyond and in particular at the other side of the Atlantic. Europe has had enough; time to reverse the tide before it is too late!!!

In Brussels now: President Tramp spells it out at NATO meeting and make it clear who is the boss – a certain video we watched tells it all.. He condemned the 23 state-members who haven’t met their financial obligations! Have they had done so last year and paid the 2 centum of their GDP, NATO would have had in its coffers US$ 119 billion…

Well, let’s see where we are going to end up, but seriously he is right; the money Mrs. Merkel!!! The Money M. Macron – doesn’t matter whether you just become president… The Money  Mr. Gentiloni!! The Money Mr. Erdogan… Despite Greece being brought by some of Europe’s leaders in this current mess, Greece has paid its dues!!! On Russia he did mentioned and classified Russia as a threat as he did for Terrorism and Immigration despite being criticised recently for special ties with Russia. He cited also threats for NATO from its eastern and southern borders… Did he forgotten Article 5? Is this NATO commitment on in the event of an attack on a member? It seems according to US officials that president Tramp stay’s on and in line with the rest of the other leaders, although EC president Tusk said that he wasn’t sure 100 centum if the president had a common position on Russia  except possible when it comes on the issue of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine… Very perplexed things… We shall see when the shit hits the fun… All in all it seems that we entering a new era. Meantime let’s see how he ends his saga at home with the Russian saga and if there is an in-depth investigation…

We have no more but to agree with him on Terrorism and his statement given the recent Manchester massacre: “… Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks or the horror you saw in Manchester, and so many other places, will continue forever” Updated 19:04 BST

We repeat what we wrote yesterday as a message to all: “Given the latest atrocities in Manchester and all those during  the last three years, we need to see top of the range security, particularly in ALL public places – that includes Ports , Terminals, Airports to name but a few. You see, members of the Shipping Industry – mainly  crew members joining or ending their ship employment, travel world-wide and we are all very concerned. No excuses. We had enough!!!”

Will revert soon with more news particularly from Brussels where president Trump meets all NATO members and European leaders too, as well as from Sicily where the G7 meets.

We will also give you the latest on Terrorists and their despicable acts in a more detail account tomorrow in our weekly recap!!!

Until then have a nice evening and be on guard from any eventuality deriving from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are!

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