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Shipping Markets remain low, geopolitics on the “high”…

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John Faraclas – picture credits Panagiotis Tsakos Photography –

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) remained on the low with just three points up at 824, thanks not to the Capers but to the Panamaxes’ ten plus points! John Faraclas assessing the Markets and geopolitics affecting same:

The BCI 2014 managed to clinch two points – now standing at 1,381 points…

The Panamaxes’ BPI  …took off after a bit of …hibernation and with ten points plus now reads 753 points…

The Supras’ fall continued, minus three points and the BSI reads 649…

Down four for the Handies’ BHSI now reading 425 points.

All in all a market in stagnation… CAUTION

The Wets were both down; the last published BDTI (Dirties)  and BCTI (Cleans)  lost ten and one point respectively – 708 for the Dirties and 545 for the Cleans!

The WTI just under the US$ 46 mark. CAUTION both ways.

The Geopolitical situation gets worse.

The FBI former head  James Comey testifies on Trump and Russia… Let us see what’s coming up. a very important issue with unknown end…

Big mess is coming up in the Gulf with Qatar becoming isolated… Tough times ahead.

The exit pools give a hung parliament with the Conservatives at 314, Labour 266, the SNP 34, LIBDEM 14, PC 3, UKIP 0 Greens 1 and others 18.

I guess the exit pool doesn’t include the postal vote so one can understand that is going to be a tough night. The night is still young. We shall see!

That’s all from us and be on guard wherever you are on Planet Ocean from any eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists.

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