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KR refreshes corporate identity to reflect growing global influence

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Korean Register (KR) – an IACS member classification society – has refreshed its logo to mark the organisation’s renewed outward-facing international approach and its desire to add greater value to its customers’ businesses, under new Chairman and CEO, Lee Jeong-Kie.

The new logo features the same ‘KR’ and retains the blue colour. However, the letters are now placed inside a circle to symbolise the organisation’s will to create harmony by working to bring together the interests and needs of stakeholders across the maritime industry, and around the world.

KR has achieved significant growth and progress since 2004 when it last updated its corporate identity. Since then, its classed fleet has more than doubled (from 30 million GT to nearly 70 million GT), the number of expert and dedicated staff has increased three-fold (from 300 to 900) and the global service network has been significantly expanded.

Importantly, more than 25% of its classed fleet is owned by non-Korean interests – a percentage that has been steadily increasing year-on-year.

Mr Lee Jeong-Kie was inaugurated as the 23rd Chairman and CEO of KR in December 2016 and has set the organisation some ambitious targets for its global development plans within the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and across the maritime world.

KR’s international network currently stands at 66 offices, but Mr Lee Jeong-Kie wants to increase this to 100 offices over the next few years.

In the first half of 2017, KR has opened a new office in Bandar Abbas, Iran, and has been authorized to deliver statutory services by both the French Government and the Faroe Islands.  KR has also been approved by German National Authorization body DAkks, to act as a verification body for the new EU MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) regulations.

Mr. Lee Jeong-Kie, Chairman and CEO of KR comments:

“The shipping and shipbuilding industries are facing unprecedented economic and technological challenges, and now – more than ever before – I want to ensure that our customers are placed first and at the centre of all our activities.

“We will deliver the highest quality service to our customers around the world, by enhancing our global management systems and expanding our worldwide expertise to meet their every need. 

“Our new logo is a clear reminder to all of us at KR, that we strive to be a fair and harmonious facilitator for the industry using our scientific and technological expertise to add value to our customers’ businesses, wherever they are in the world”.

The new logo will be used on all KR certificates and survey reports as from 1 September 2017.

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