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The Markets; a fool’s paradise?

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost just one point earlier on today, thanks to the Panamaxes, Supras and Handies …”balancing” the Capers’ fall; Geops (Geopolitics) will soon cause a …geopolitical inferno of incalculable dimensions. It will be both a Tsunami and a …forest fire on land raging everywhere with incalculable repercussions for all. John Faraclas daily recap:

The one point loss of the BDI at 847 saved the day, thanks for the three sizes mentioned in the preamble above which managed to be on an upwards mode…

The Capers BCI 2014 lost 59 points and now stands at 1,110 points…

The Panamaxes up 33 points surpassing the 1,000 point threshold with the BPI standing at 1,017 points…

The Supras’ BSI up nine points at 717… and

The Handies’ BHSI gaining four points at 441 ended a difficult day of trading amid an unprecedented Geopolitical chaos…

The Wets both  down; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 699 – minus three and 521 – minus one point respectively.

What do the analysts and gurus have to say? It is nearly three and a half years from the 2,200 points at the end of December 2013 – dropped even to 290, the all times low in February 2016 and now still below the 1,000 point threshold struggling. It is NOT the overcapacity!

We reiterate that shipping becomes shipping for the very very very few and possibly we might see national fleets…

Shipfinance has failed because the banks took completely the wrong view due to the morons lending money to the wrong people, at the wrong time for the wrong type of ships with values completely out of any logic… and proportion!  The Funds are not well educated on how to capitulate and cover the gap the banks left behind. The scam that we have mentioned in the past, must be aired. It is the scam of the brokers, bankers and the shipyards! These days we read in the international press and media and TV of the many banking scandals; it is about time we ask the attorney general of all countries with shameful deals and bankruptcies to step in and find out who and why has done these scams; and punish them!

The WTI remains down below the US$ 45 mark at US$ 44,12 – good and dangerous too. Did I hear you say shale…??

Geops (Geopolitics):

The Migrants still maintain the top position from all other issues put together. Today, following a crash of a Polish-registered van into lorries that have been forced to stop on a motorway near Calais creating a makeshift barrier set by Migrants, its driver was killed; the identity of the driver isn’t known yet but nine Eritreans were found in one of the lorries… Others down at sea whilst others in Northern Ireland are victims of housing exploitation… Still a few more millions await the chance to cross over to Europe from the Anatolian Coast of Turkey via the Greek islands and from all the Northern Coast of Africa. The more fighting in the Middle East and its periphery, the more Migrants to come… SHAME!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq take unprecedented twists and turns with the protégés ensuring that their threats work; USA and Russia “are” at loggerheads and this might create a total mess in the region and beyond… Like Turkey, Iran too gets involved and we might see the spill over soon, particularly if Israel gets involved too…

The Arabian Peninsular might see chaotic situations with the animosity against the Qataris; ultra CAUTION.

In Brussels Central Station a man was shot by Belgian soldiers on suspicion of being a would-be suicide bomber, following setting a small explosion; thank God, no one was injured.

Turkey must be reprimanded by the USA and the EU as president Erdogan plays in all fronts; instability in Turkey following the “coup” last year and the persecutions of thousands of Turkish citizens that Erdogan feels are his enemies, and not enemies of the state, might ignite other situations.

Greece is in dire straits yet again and the time is not running out for the Tsipras administration, but for all parties there, particularly of the centre-right New Democracy. Honestly, what can they do under the circumstances. Greece needs a leader with guts and vision to speak “another” language, internally and externally – you dead well know what I mean. Nemesis looms in the background. The EU headed by Germany must come down to its senses  before it comes down to its knees. This is NOT a humane attitude versus Greece and its people. Remember: you need two in a tango. The scandals that surface so far bring in accomplices from Europe…

Russia is threatened both fro the USA and the EU that the sanctions will remain until its forces leave eastern Ukraine… That’s a midsummer night’s dream.

In Venezuela a teenager was killed in riots with the police and security forces; is this an uprising against Nicholas Maduro or what?

In the Far East, according to the Americans, China hasn’t produced any plan or even pressure on North Korea and that’s going to worsen the situ for all.

BREXIT begun today and looks likely that at the end of the day, despite the Continentals rhetoric the United Kingdom will obtain a favourable BREXIT! The country is being hit by a wave of Terrorists actions now from both sides of the equation following the Finsbury Park’s attacks last night. The driver seems he wishes to continue his inhumane action; shame! More funds are needed for policing and NO CUTS at ALL! All over the United Kingdom security is a MUST; don’t cut corners as the situation is dangerous… The Grenfell Tower saga continues amid the heatwave and let’s see how and when life can get back to normal.

More news tomorrow;  in the meantime be on guard for any eventuality deriving out of Pirates and terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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