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Saudi Arabia
Ballast water sampling & analysis
Monday, August 14, 2017, Saudi Arabia
With effect from Wednesday 16 August, all ships calling at Saudi Aramco ports and terminals from international waters must arrange ballast water indicative sampling through their local shipping agents to ensure ship’s compliance with Ballast Water Management convention requirement related to the exchange or treatment of ballast water prior to arrival.

All vessels will be required to provide ballast water indicative sampling report (printable format of result) to Saudi Aramco’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD), through their appointed Shipping Agent. This must be supported by an updated Saudi Aramco “Ballast Water Sampling” form during every visit to Saudi Aramco ports or terminals.

GAC Saudi Arabia has already conducted a trial test with locally approved surveyors, with positive feedback and approval from Saudi Aramco EPD department to start conducting such tests from 16 August. Initially, this will apply to all ships calling at the ports of Ras Tanura and/or Juaymah Terminal.

Tests will be carried out onboard one of the company’s launch vessels which will remain alongside the vessel during the inward clearance process. A GAC representative will board the vessel with a surveyor who will collect the samples which will be handed over to the chemist for immediate analysis. Once the results are available, a report and certification will be issued and returned to the vessel for signature/stamping and return.

A Ballast Water Sampling charge will be included in the PDA for all ships expected to arrive from 16 August onwards. This charge will include provision of the surveyor, chemist, sampling bottles, reports and all associated communications and coordination.

For further details, contact GAC Saudi Arabia at the dedicated email ballastreporting.saudi@gac.com

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