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Short lived BDI recovery amid geopolitical chaos

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 17 points earlier  on and now it stands at 1,249; stable Wets and Geopolitics still chaotic. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capers, as ever volatile and “predictable” lost nearly 100 points – 95 to be precise bringing down everything – some “vehemently” believe it might be a temporarily fall. at 2,489 points, below the 2,500 threshold which was a safe “pillow”, the BCI raises in our view many questions. Caution!

The Panamaxes BPI survived the fall with only four points, now reading 1,345…

The Supras and the Handies, as in all similar cases when the Capers and Panamaxes fall, both gained  seven and two points respectively, now at 824(the BSI) and 468 (the BHSI).

The Wets remain “stable” and down; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 622 – plus one and 511 – remained the same respectively.

The WTI, although is early stands at US$ 47.74 close to last night’s closing… We shall see after 23:50 BST.

The Geopolitical  chaos is still here and it remains to be seen what will trigger a full scale war in a few Middle Eastern and Western Balkan states, unless there is an appropriate handling of Peace by delicate intervention if Diplomacy work. All against all!.

…pristine waters – picture credits Anny Zade

On another tone holidays continue and the tourist resort of Loutraki  (Greece) continues to be one of Greece’s hot spots for over a century now… This seaside resort on the Gulf of Corinth – Greece’s and Europe’s possible largest fjiord so to speak (check your charts and see what I mean), 50 miles west of Athens and just 5 miles northeast of the famous City of Corinth,  continues to attract thousands, it’s a five-fold  at least number at every material time daily during the extended Greek summer season 45,000 holidaymakers, due to its vast natural springs and its therapeutic spas. Add the pristine waters for swimming  and sea sports and see what get! Thermae, as it was called in antiquity, excited the world in the mid 1880’s following an announcement in Italy asserting the unique therapeutic benefits…

…early evening tranquility to unwind – picture credits Anny Zade

Unique, part of Greece’s multi spa tourism… Loutron means bath, bath house, spa… You all know it over here in the United Kingdom after another unique town, Bath, where the Roman Baths – Romaika Loutra! Did I hear you say Loutrotherapy…?

In the Western Hemisphere the Eclipse attracted thousands in the West Coast of America; Oregon being at  its best….

Have a nice evening and  be on guard for any eventuality deriving from Pirates and Terrorists.



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