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Intermodal Europe 2017 – The Smart Shipping Revolution; what does the future look like?

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The developments in information and communication technology, such as The Internet of Things, blockchain technology, tracking, sensors and big data, are dramatically transforming the container shipping market today, allowing for greater transparency within the shipping supply chain and providing a competitive edge. It starts with data, but where does it end? How do we keep the data secure? How can these new technologies help capability and profitability? The Smart Shipping Forum next week at Intermodal Europe will address such questions and look at how these digital applications and new technologies are the future of the shipping and the logistics industry.

“Digitalization is set to fundamentally reshape the business world as we know it today and no more so than in supply chain, logistics and transport.” explains Michael Dempsey, Vice President – Container and Port Solutions at ORBCOMM, who will be speaking in the Smart Shipping Forum. “Live data from IoT telematics and sensors is a fundamental part of the equation and companies need to understand now how this technology fits into their future digital roadmap.”

“It is an important topic because nowadays there are plenty of ways to connect everything, but it has to make sense from an economic perspective and in the long run – we know how this is doable” explains Benjamin Vernooij, IoT & Embedded Computing EMEA at Dell Computers, who will be presenting their End-to-End solutions in the session ‘IOT from the sensor to the cloud’.

Misplacement and damage to both cargo and containers in the shipping industry are key areas where the smart shipping container has the potential to transform the market by providing better visibility, security and control. “Asset owners in the intermodal chain want to connect industrial objects to their control systems” explains Daniel MacGregor, Director Marketing & Sales, Nexiot, who will be presenting ‘A digital approach to Cross-Modality’ at the event. “The focus is on how data can be gathered using smart sensors and how profit can be extracted using algorithms and ‘Big Data’ techniques to provide actionable information to the right place at the right time.”

In addition to the Smart Shipping Forum, the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) will host a forum, bringing together a number of experts to discuss how new developments in IT will make supply chains resilient and agile. From the Internet of Things to Big Data, autonomous vehicles to cyber security; guests will hear about the latest technology trends from a series of experts, with the aim to provide businesses with competitive advantage.

Intermodal Europe will provide the opportunity to review the latest intelligence in Smart Shipping and also provide a forum for industry professionals to forge new business relationships and strengthen existing relations. Join the likes of Dell Computers, ORBCOMM, Traxens, GlobeTracker, Nexiot, Evofenedex, TripleOre, WSP Group, Swinnus, Globalstar, Emerson Transportation Solutions, 8power and a number of other global specialists who will be discussing Smart Shipping within the free-to-attend conference, as well as displaying their innovative solutions within the exhibition.

This Smart Shipping Focus at Intermodal Europe next week is a start to what will be a larger and wider two-day Smart Shipping Focus which will take place at Intermodal Asia 2018 in March in Shanghai. This two-day focused forum will include topics such as smart ports, blockchain technology, container optimization and the role of the smart container.

Join the Smart Shipping discussion next week at Intermodal Europe 2017 from the 28-30 November at the Amsterdam RAI. Register free of charge at www.intermodal-events.com/register and to find out more on the Smart Shipping Focus please visit www.intermodal-events.com/smartshipping.

Intermodal Asia 2018 will take place on the 20-22 March 2018 at the SWEECC in Shanghai. Visit www.intermodal-asia.com for more information.

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