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Finnish Defence Forces select Lloyd’s Register to class new surface combatants

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Lloyd’s Register’s HQ’s

28 November 2017 – The Finnish Defence Forces has chosen Lloyd’s Register (LR) to class four new surface combatants for the Finnish Navy.

The vessels are part of the Finnish Defence Forces’ strategic project Squadron 2020, of which the goal is to replace seven vessels which have been or are scheduled to be decommissioned. The four multi-role corvettes will have upgraded capabilities to counter modern threats.

The new surface combatants will be capable of territorial integrity surveillance, securing vital sea lines of communication and deterring attacks from the sea. They could also be used for international crisis management. Additionally, they will be able to operate in winter conditions as they will need to navigate through ice-covered waters.

LR will commence plan approval this month and the construction of the first ship will start in June 2019, with the last ship to be delivered by end of June 2025. It is hoped that full operational capability of all vessels will be achieved by 2027.

Niklas Ronnberg

Niklas Ronnberg, LR’s Sales and Marketing Manager for Finland and the Baltic States, said: “This is the first time LR will class vessels for the Finnish Navy and it is the biggest project for the Finnish Navy ever, so we are very excited and honoured to be working on this project.”

LR has a long history of working with defence, naval, military services and armed forces, resulting in great collaboration and success stories. LR has tailored classification services for Navies around the world through its flexible and innovative approach towards the classification process.

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