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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index), thanks to the Capers, following yesterdays major losses, managed to gain 32 points and now stands at 1,262 points; the Wets collapsed and all of us must consider the geopolitical effects. John Faraclas’ midweek recap:

The Volatiles, …err the Capers clinched a good three-digit 145 points and now the BCI stands at 2.426 points… Let’s see what comes tomorrow as it might double; all other dry indices fell:

The Panamaxes’ BPI was down eight points, now reading 1,322; the Supras lost seven with the BSI now standing at 894 – below the 900 point threshold and the Handies’ BHSI was down five, now reading 607 points… We wonder, given that this is the beginning of the year and the period of FEAST’s New Year, what will happen until mid to end February…

The Wets,  as said above,  c o l l a p s e d!  The last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) lost 127 and 65 points and now stand at 700 and 655 points respectively.

The WTI at US$ 60.32, slightly less than yesterday, but still above the US$ 50, which makes it a hell with all due respect for the poor all over Planet Ocean! There is NO excuse for this rise! Ten dollars plus will trigger havoc…

The Geopolitical scenery as said in previous recaps, is getting far worse than yesterday:

The MIGRANTS issue dominates geopolitics to an unimaginable effect…

Wonder what is next with the Syrian saga; the war continues and Iraq too gets the blues… We estimate a minimum of two yeas of mess there with incalculable repercurssions for all in the region and beyond!

Iran makes “a come-back”  to the main news and importance as Americans and others want to end the theocratic regime there. Wonder why at the first place they allowed AND sent over the late Khomeini in 1979… CAUTION!

Turkey and its leaders’ aspirations are boosting the mess in the region AND  in the wider periphery. President Erdogan will create bloodshed all over and NATO as well as Europe in its entirety – not just the EU, must intervene here and now.  He is the architect of destabilisation and terrorism as well as religious uprising! Ultra Caution should be observed; it is not just his continuous blackmail tactics that he employs, it is beyond that given how good as bedfellow can be with Russia’s Putin. He reminds us the relationship of Lenin with Kemal Ataturk and how Lenin betrayed the Greeks… The MIGRANTS issue is 100 centum one of his destabilising policies which destroys many counties’ social cohesion.  He is there to create a total mess with Greece and beyond…

Greece next door, doesn’t just need a change of its current coalition government; Greece needs, as we numerous times have reported in these pages, an ARISTOS team to run the country for a minimum period of ten years and following an appropriate streamline, to go for elections with a new electoral system alike the one in the United Kingdom; end of the story. Moreover the county needs a more robust attitude towards external issues – foreign policy so to speak. Expect major developments out of the blue… The issue over the name of FYROM should be treated with ultra caution. Remind you that when the British entered the then EEC, they entered as United Kingdom and NOT as Great Britain!!!

In the Balkans, the tinderbox of Europe, we see the continuous resurface of issue such as the Albanian and Kosovo issue, the FYROM’s stubbornness over its name with Greece and in genera we need to see a final settlement following the despicable way in which Yugoslavia was dismantled… Still there is time to settle otherwise there will be old scores whose settlement might trigger havoc for all, as well as those who protect or induce others to go for war… WATCH this space!

BREXIT’s second phase continues and despite the odds, we might see even under difficult circumstances under the proviso of a UNITED KINGDOM staying together – NO devolution, a powerful United Kingdom filling the gap the other superpowers leave behind. The bill with Europe will be settled as well as the workers rights; this is though the just think to do. Any delay though must be accounted by the clever “dicks” and “pussycats” – don’t excuse my French…, of EU in Brussels for failing during or just after the Maastricht Treaty to set the rules for a county-members’ exodus from the European Union! Let’s see how the United Kingdom goes with the TTP issue… Expect a lot within the UK – Tories and Labour clash, how to avoid Devolution as well as issues on European and International level. We believe the United Kingdom can enhance further the Commonwealth. For comparison purposes, remind you that in the past the Commonwealth was an unsophisticated export market but same was essential for cheap imports when raw materials were at a premium and even back in 1950, British production of steel and coal was respectively 30 and 50 centum of the total Schuman Six… We all know what was the scene in Europe: instability due to the ed fear and its growing influence of communism, the Germans wanted a revanchard and too many French and Italian governments were  coming and going… The UK missed an opportunity then… Now Theresa May has huge bumps on the road that lies before her… Let her deliver BREXIT!

Germany still without government… whilst Europe with the Franco-German relationship is completely on a defensive mode, due to this relationship! As in the past at the beginning of this Millennium they were incapable of initiating anything, the same situation remains unchanged…  France as we all know talks left and acts right, whilst Germany does the opposite. Now then, can you see Angela Merkel resigning? She has the tenacity of purpose, as she is very energetic and principled, but…

Can Spain tamer the explosive situation in Catalonia at a very bad timing for all in Europe?

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trump has a lot to do; internal and external issues are equally important and one year nearly in office now has been exceptional unique in all fronts. Can he manage and go through Americas  and Planet Ocean’s dire straits? The next two months could be very crucial for his presidency and this will be judged during Christmas 2018!

China tries hard to open investment trade hubs but doing same so fast might end up in tatters no matter who bears the costs… China has also too many regional issues: the North Korean one might have an unwanted Chinese outcome.

Abe’s Japan must be taken seriously from all in the region…

India and Pakistan are locked in a long saga, a very dangerous one…

Indonesia is a country to be watched too; caution….

Putin’s Russia, until the USA gets its act together, knows how to call the shots, but… but you must be born to be a Tsar!

The late John D. Fafalios

On another note and tone the international shipping community paid its respects to John D. Fafalios at the Metamorphosis Sotiros church in Kefalari Athens; who wasn’t there!

Mr. Fafalios,  a well-respected and much loved member of the Greek Shipping Community in Greece and in the UK, served as a Member of the Board of the Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee for many years and was a charitable person all though his life.

Above all he was a very down to earth person, a charisma very few possess today.  The final good bye to his eternal journey will take place on Friday in Vrontados, Chios. He will be greatly missed;blessed!

That’s all for tonight more news tomorrow and mind the weather particularly in the UK and Europe as gusting winds and other phenomena might be lethal. Otherwise have a nice evening and  be on guard from Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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