Home Markets The BDI @ 1,097: the fall continues..

The BDI @ 1,097: the fall continues..

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John Faraclas

The BDI gained  two points and sends alarms as the only size on the up was the Capers… “lifting” the market… Geopolitics in real turmoil… John Faraclas briefing:

The Capers were up 59 points; the only size in the dry market sawing its teeth. At 1,578 points the BCI tries to recover and keep the BDI on a plus mode…

The Panamaxes’ BPI lost 23 points and now reads 1,293..

The Supras’ BSI was down 13 at 844 points, and

The Handies’ BHSI was also down. At minus six now reads 532 points. CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION.

The Wets with mixed feelings, though on the low. The last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 648 – minus six and 615 – plus nine respectively.

The WTI as these lines are being written stands at US$ 61.10 with a tendency to go further down

The Stock Markets are the big question; ultra uncertain!

The Geopolitical situation continues to get worse ALL over Planet Ocean. Coupled with the economic chaos  which is in its tenth year, will for sure produce more than mess…

Tomorrow we eagerly await Capital Link’s  Greek Shipping Forum on “Opportunities and Challenges…”

Have a nice evening and be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background wherever you are on Planet Ocean!


P.S.: Recording the market over the last 41 years directly and 50 indirectly, I have a couple of chapters dedicated on the oxymoron of the markets and geopolitics  in my book “Black Sea Manoeuvers”... When published you will see the asymmetrical  market and geopolitics paradoxes..

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