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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) on a daily basis gained four points since yesterday – thanks to the Panamaxes, but on a weekly one there was a minimal loss of six points from last Friday the 2nd of March when it stood at 1,207! Geopolitics continue to be perplexed in all fronts; is that on purpose? John Faraclas daily and weekly recap:

The Capers lost ten points with the BCI standing at 1,479 points; the weekly loss was considerable; a three-digit figure – 113 points lost (from 1,592 on 2/3).

At the antipode the Panamaxes who gained 25 points and the BDI at 1,615 makes waves, as on a weekly basis it gained 115 points “balancing” the Capers’ losses…

Minimal gains for the Supras and the Handies. The BSI was up today six points at 1,032 and since last week 28 – up from 1,004! The BHSI gained four points today standing at 611 and 25 since last week’s 586 points.

All in all a stranded Dry market and we will await to see if it goes over and above the 1,500 point-mark or drop even below the 1,000 point threshold – these are the two sides of the coin that will develop given some strange parameters. Add the fact that today we are down 1,046 points from the closing in December 2013 (the BDI stood at 2,247!).-

Wonder how much the tariffs will affect the bulkers trade; Donald Trump knows best. CAUTION!

The Wets on a falling mode; the last published BDTI (dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 652 – plus three and 585 – minus five respectively. On a weekly basis both wets were down 11 and 19 points – from 662 and 604 points respectively.

The Box …err  the Container Trade still bleak… Mind me the credit crunch now bites; and it bites everywhere. The Credit Plastic Money disaster floored down the Containerships! Any objection?

Wonder where one can get finance and built ships these days; this is the best time though to do so!!! We need new and more ergonomic green ships! BWMC, the Emissions and technological advancements will prompt the new ships and conversely the newbuildings will flourish!

The price of WTI stood at US$ 62.02 – a bit on the up causing concerns.

The Geopolitical situation couldn’t have been more perplexed and Trade wars and sanctions make things even worse. On top of all issues the MIGRANTS remains the most crucial one affecting the Migrants themselves as well as the nations in which they have found temporary or in some instances permanent shelter/rescue. All in all the social cohesion in many counties has been severely affected and same MUST return to the norm before it is too late. We condemn the way MIGRANTS are being treated and looked after;  s h a m e !

The Wars in Syria and Iraq continue with exceptional inhumane ferocity and I can assure you one day the shit will hit the fan; revenge and Nemesis is already on the way – just wait and see. The people of Syria have been subjected to the worse atrocities from ALL sides. On top of everything else the situation in the entire Middle East is sinking into chaos.

Add Turkey’s president warring rhetoric which obviously leads us into two suggestions/assumptions: there is a backer (s?) or he is insane, as otherwise all his actions lead to the fact that his provocations against all Turkey’s neighbours are premeditated. The latest action in Syria – Afrin, his rhetoric on the East Med’s drilling in the Cypriot EEZ and the arrest of two Greek servicemen in the Evros River frontier, suggests of a set up as never ever before anything like that has happened involving service men from both sides! Both Greece and Turkey are NATO “allies”. We need to see a clear position from the EU and NATO, particularly from the USA. It is time the masks fall! As for the current Greek government, as well as the opposition, they must get their act together… before it is too late. Turkey is setting up on fire the entire Balkans for its own intents and purposes capitulating on the religious factor too. Wonder how much the financial mess Turkey’s banks are in influences Erdogan’s rhetoric. Turkey is in a financial mess…

Greece has as we have stated in the past too many issues  to tackle; above all the financial state of affairs and unless a further/additional rescue package is made available all previous financial injections and sacrifices of the Geek people will end in teas and in total bankruptcy. Too much tax from short sighted people, particularly from the left will floor down every chance for the economy to take off and the people to breath again! Indeed the problems of Greece begun ever since the restoration of “Democracy” in 1974 from the ND and PASOK parties completely setting the country on fire and deliver same with the SYRIZA clan fatally wounded to its enemies; end of the story! The fraud and money embezzlement under the ND and PASOK regimes are monumental – SYRIZA now completes the show with its own favouritism! Nemesis is ante portas… Did I hear you say Scaramanga…??? Elefsis? Neorion? Chalkis? Perama? For so many years the enemies of Greece together with the populist politicians ignited the envy between the dockers and see the result! Add some favouritism and see why the flourishing shipbuilding and shiprepair / conversion industry in Greece vanished… Now you know and we have told you from the very beginning through this medium as well as in the past from other media the truth and ONLY the truth!

Italy will struggle to form a government; awaiting also the complete German administration – come on Mrs Merkel, if another European nation was in the state of yours with an administration whilst there are grave issues not only in Europe, but Global ones, you would have been fuming…

BREXIT begins the long and winding road for an honourable as well as dignified exodus from the EU! Expect the lot in all fronts; the United Kingdom will have the last laugh…

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trump signs decrees for tariffs which might be harmful for the American people… CAUTION. Others issues are still on and we all hope he ends amicably and to the benefit of humanity in the Pacific the rift with North Korea.

In Mexico’s capital police are flying helicopters over Nezahualcóyotl the most populated suburb; a good sign that some things are getting better there…

In the Far East the markets hope that the Trump –  Kim Jong-un of North Korea possible meeting might prove beneficial, but we believe one should carry a small basket. It doesn’t look promising at all, at least now! CAUTION.

Africa’s only female head of state, Mauritian President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, was accused of using a bank cad provided by a charity to make personal payments worth thousands of dollars and she will step down after the ceremonies marking Mauritius 50th Anniversary of independence. Pity as she was exceptionally educated, bright and very democratic!

Have a nice evening, enjoy the weekend and Mother’s Day – in the UK this Sunday and be on guard from any eventuality from actions emanating from Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background wherever you are.

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