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John Faraclas

For those you have studied our predictions and projections all these years on the BDI (Baltic Dry Index), today’s fall of the Dry Market shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.- The Geopolitics are getting 100 centum more than messy and Greek Shipping still goes strong. John Faraclas’ daily Market and Geopolitics briefing:

The BDI lost 37 points today as all main indices fell  – save the Handies… Falling below the threshold of 1,100 points raises eyebrows…

The Capers fall was more than expected. The BCI lost 126 points – a triple digit figure and now stands …fatally wounded at 1,065 points…

The Panamaxes followed suit with the BPI losing 32 points and now reading 1,520…

The Supras too on a falling mode; the BSI lost 13 points and now reads 1,095 points.

Once again the Handies maintained their …dignity with the BHSI clinching two points and now at 650 many owners can breath better.

We sincerely hope NOT to witness further falls for the BDI as whatever stands or reads with a triple figure will be detrimental for the Wets too… Remind you that the gap is widening and we are now 1,167 points below the end of December 2013 level – when the BDI stood at 2,247 points… Ultra caution should be observed!

The Wets managed to stay afloat; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 662 and 563 – plus four and no change respectively.

The WTI stood at US$ 64.64 – a bit of a fall here but still in my view same should go far beyond the US$ 60 mark; at US$ 49.99 would be the maximum acceptable and affordable level as the masses could counter back with an unprecedented reaction detrimental to all.-

Geopolitics in a nutshell: MESSY MESSY MESSY.

On another note and tone the much expected working luncheon at the “Stavros A. Daifas Hall” at the Piraeus Marine Club – Akti Miaouli’s temple of Greek Shipping, with four world acclaimed speakers – Panos Laskarides, ECSA’s president, Anastasios Papagianopoulos – BIMCO’s president-elect, John Platsidakis – INTERCARGO’s president and Nikos Tsakos – INTERTANKO’s president was more than a success. We heard very interesting points from complaining on the Class Societies’ attitude and whom they support and serve, to the paranoia of shipping on many issues, to digitalisation needs, the environmental saga, an NGO’s wrong view on the environmental status of Greek shipping – totally wrong assessment, membership issues and tackling many problems of modern shipping…  Congratulations to Irene S. Daifas* for setting the scene with an excellent introduction and successfully moderating the few, but to the point questions and statements. Moreover the event had its touching and sentimental moments as speakers had members of their family attending – Laskarides, Papagianopoulos and Platsidakis their children; Susana Laskarides, Vassilis and George Papagianopoulos, Evangelia Platsidakis and Nikos Tsakos his ever present father Captain Panagiotis! This event coincides with this year’s Piraeus Marine Club’s 50th Anniversary; time now to set the course for a full Piraeus Shipping Cluster; a must for Greek Shipping to weather the coming storm! Interestingly there were unique “awards” for each speaker depicting his life – far beyond the caricature, meticulously drawn by Peggy Marinakis. For us living abroad a great chance as always to meet old friends and relatives from the past! Worth mentioning that it was a sold-out event from the moment the announcement went out! Will revert with a full account/write up soon.

As this report is being uploaded WISTA-Hellas elections/voting for the new Board are underway and we are pleased to report that the five-member BoD is comprised by: Angie Hartmann –  President, Elpi  J. Petrakis – Vice President,  Ioanna Topaloglou – Secretary,  Maria Angelidou as Clerk and Marsia Ioannidi – Member. Kristiana Prekeze, Angeliki Karagianni and Iris Liaskoni were elected substitute members! Many Congratulations to all our Sea-maidens!

Have a nice evening and be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

*PMC DAIFASIRENE28032018 speech


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