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HELMEPA at GASLOG’s European Crew Conference

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GASLOG, an Associate Corporate Member of HELMEPA, held its European Crew Conference at Divani Apollon Hotel, in Athens, 8-9 May 2018, under the title “Guiding the Way into the 21st Century”.

During the first day of the Conference, HELMEPA was invited and presented the issue of “Marine Litter, Plastics and Microplastics”. The association’s Executive Coordinator Ms Christiana Prekezes and the Assistant Coordinator Mr. Costas Triantafillou shared the presentation on the sources and spread of plastic waste pollution globally, the results on the environment as well as the impact on the health of marine ecosystems and eventually the human health itself. Ways to reduce ship generated plastic waste were also discussed.

The CEO Mr. Paul Wogan, Executives and shore based competent personnel together with about 130 officers attended the presentation. A number of interesting questions were posed that gave further food for thought on what we may all do to reduce our environmental footprint regarding plastics.

HELMEPA wishes to thank GASLOG for the opportunity it gave the association to address such a large number of mariners as well as to congratulate them for their commitment and proactive approach to pollution prevention, which is actually the essence of HELMEPA’s philosophy.

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