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Greece: Wildfire inferno in Attica claims 50 dead and 160 injured…

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Fire Smog covers the plain of Athens

Further to our late report last night, despicable on all counts developments on what Attica, Greece, Europe, the entire Planet Ocean witnessed from yesterdays and all night long inferno!

Time to ensure things like this NEVER ever happen again and above all time to get rid of populist leaders and their statements from all sides in Greece’s Parliament.

Congratulations to the Fire Brigade, to the Police, to the Hellenic Coast Guard, the Hellenic Navy the local authorities and the mutuality of humane feelings of the public – locals in particular,  to save lives under the worst ever weather and financial conditions in Greece; the latter are despicable and a scam against Greece and its people. At the height of the international tourist season with millions of tourists arriving in Greece and Attica in particular it couldn’t have been worse. It wasn’t only a disaster waiting to happen, there were weather warnings, the fires, the wildfires that developed were expected due to the expected rise of temperatures. Those who continue to play the political card and take advantage of the situation, MUST sit in the dock! With minimal means available a major disaster was averted. There are also other regions in Greece under fire – in Crete, in Corinth, Larymna in Fthiotis and even up to Evros River at the border with Turkey.

All in all 47 (yes you read correct; forty-seven) wildfires within the last 24 hours in Greece. The EU and the world at large stands-by Greece. Will revert with more news later on.

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