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Tsipras on Greece: “Nothing matters much and very little matters at all”*

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The end is nigh

Without prejudice

Today’s “Ulyssean” message from Ithaca that the bailout era ends is a midsummer’s night dream and proves how low-level spin doctors are in the entourage and court of Maximos’ Mansion ridiculing Greece’s PM. John Faraclas writes: 

Mr. Tsipras MUST sack them all, those masters of spin; they might be seen as hardworking guys and dolls but they are not meeting expectations. They are totally out of any context for what has happened, is happening now and what else is yet to come exposing their master at a very crucial moment. Most of you heard what Greece’s PM said in his state address and what took place during his visit to Ithaca. Shame. Of course high calibre spin doctors, specialists in crisis management and under current perplexed parameters – local, EU and international, expert communicators they could have turned things the other way round and saved the day for him and Greece; pity.

Time will tell and results will prove how right our side is in demanding with millions of people – Greeks and their friends abroad – the coming to power of an Aristos team to run Greece. I have over the last ten years that this current crisis is on proven verbatim right and provoke the current leaders of Greece’s political parties to a live debate. Wake up before it is too late. Add the fact that the opposition must also shut up as we pay for their sins, their criminalities and wrong doings.

*This maxim is traceable in Nichomachean Ethics – Aristotle of course!

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