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Measuring geopolitics’ impact on markets, Africa connected

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Commentary: Measuring geopolitics’ impact on markets

By Elliot Hentov, Alexander Petrov and Fabrizio Zumbo

In Alexandre Dumas’s 1844 novel The Count of Monte Cristo, news of an impending revolution in Spain creates financial panic among French investors. Some sell Spanish bonds at a great loss, only to see the price bounce back after the news proves to be erroneous. In the light of rising protectionism and the apparent dismantling of the postwar global order, geopolitics continues to matter a great deal to markets in 2018. But, as in Dumas’s tale, it can be hard for investors to know how to react to such uncertainty.

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The Bulletin: Africa connected

The September edition of The Bulletin explores the nuances behind Africa’s divergent economic prospects. Contributors look at initiatives such as the Continental Free Trade Area and the establishment of an African common market, as well as individual countries’ efforts to leverage technology and innovative financing to promote integration. Key contributors to this edition include Maria Ramos, chief executive officer of Absa Group, Hippolyte Fofack, chief economist of the African Export-Import Bank, and Marcelo Giugale, director of financial advisory and banking at the World Bank.

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