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Last Places available for SHIPPING and THE LAW 9th edition, 15th – 16th October 2018 NAPLES. Register now!

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“The Future is Now”

San Lorenzo Maggiore monumental complex


 Studio Legale Lauro     is pleased to inform you that the 9th edition of  Shipping and the Law will be held on 15th and 16th October 2018.


The conference annual appointment will take place in San Lorenzo Maggiore, a monumental complex built around XIII-XVIII century and overlying the archaeological excavations of the Greek and Roman Neapolis.

Shipping and the Law, which Studio Legale Lauro hosts each year in October under the support of ICS and Confitarma and the patronage of Regione Campania, provides an important forum of debate among some of the most important leaders, decision makers of the European shipping scene and institutional personalities.

This year the conference will bear the title “The Future is Now” to reflect the accelerating pace of change in the maritime world. New pressures are arriving from new external challenges posed by increasing upheaval in the geopolitical terrain, typified by Donald Trump and the need to tackle global warming raises questions about traditional, growth-at-all-costs, economics.

Meanwhile shipowners also are grappling with digitalization, automation and new financing while freight markets remain fragile and will investigate some among the hottest current topics of shipping which is going to be revolutionized in the near future by issues as for instance the forthcoming new environmental IMO regulations and the new technologies required to tackle climate change by phasing out high sulfur fuels and setting tough carbon goals, the present and future geopolitical challenges, the owners’ views on automatisation and digitalization, the search for the best new fuel of the future.

The shipowners who will discuss these topics shall include: ICS Vice President Emanuele Grimaldi, President of ECSA and Vice President of Union of Greek Shipowners Panos Laskaridis, former President ECSA and Union of Greek Shipowners John C. Lyras and the Confitarma President Mario Mattioli.


Leo Drollas, Sheik Yamani’s Chief Economist and Executive Director for the Centre for Global Energy Studies, Chairman and CEO RINA Ugo Salerno, IMO’s Frederick Kenney, Caronte & Tourist’s Lorenzo Matacena, WIN GD Volkmar Galke, Andrea Del Manso of Unione Petrolifera and other speakers will bring examples of innovative solutions to these problems. These panels will be moderated by Lloyd’s List David Osler and Tradewinds Terry Macalister.


The conference will later look at the Place of Refuge legal framework which is under ever increasing pressures from the Mediterranean migration crisis with an eye on the best ways to protect the needs of the maritime industry. These issues will be discussed by  Mans Jacobsson, historical Director of the International Oil Pollution Compensation (IOPC) Funds, in his keynote speech ““Places of refuge – the legal perspective” in a panel moderated by CR Marine CEO Mauro Iguera including Gard’s Andreas Brachel and Leendert Muller.

A further panel will see the participation of the President of the young Italian shipowners Giacomo Gavarone and young Owners, Valeria NovellaAndrea GarollaMaria Laura Dell’Abate and Filippo Gavarone.

Federico Deodato and Francesco S. Lauro will moderate a panel on future shipping legal issues with particular reference to innovation, arbitration, mediation and competition  the participation of the Standard Club head James BeanMario Riccomagno, Jonathan Lux and Studio Legale Lauro’s expert on completion Mark Clough QC.

Other topics will involve the legally viable and financially feasible solutions to the financial crisis; senior bankers will figure out,  in a panel moderated by CEO Venice Shipping and Logistics Fabrizio Vettosi, with Giuseppe Bottiglieri, Angelo D’Amato and Charles Spetka, managing director of Fortress, BPM Massimo Racca and Prof. Arturo Capasso will discuss the evolving role of the financial system in the shipping industry and will discuss how to prevent the losses of a relevant human capital embodied in those entrepreneurial and managerial skills of shipping companies, preserving their national imprinting even if the shareholder capital had necessarily to be opened to foreign investors.

Giorgio Berlingieri, Tom Birch Richardson and Francesco S. Lauro will pay a tribute to Francesco Berlingieri’s life spent for Maritime Law.


Further information may be found by clicking www.shippingandthelaw.org.

CONTACTS: info@shippingandthelaw.org – info@studiolegalelauro.it 
tel.+39 0815800199 – fax +39 0815800195

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