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Daikin Reefer – 50 years of innovation

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Shin Funuta

Daikin Reefer has been central to the evolution of the refrigerated container market since the very beginning, becoming one of the first major manufacturers in 1968. As global populations and average salaries grow, and free trade agreements enable products to be transported between more countries than ever before, Daikin’s reefer technology ensures that consumers worldwide have access to quality, perishable produce that has travelled long distances.    

From fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, to wine, dairy products, flowers and even pharmaceuticals, Daikin Reefer’s commitment to cargo care over the past 50 years has continuously pushed the boundaries of refrigerated transportation to enable the carriage of new cargoes on diversified routes.
With advances in technology, shipping is now capable of taking cargoes that previously had to be carried by expensive air freight. Active CA will provide shipping lines with the capability, and versatility, needed to better compete for new cargoes e.g. cut flowers and pharmaceuticals. And shippers will benefit from the cost reduction achieved by transportation by sea rather than air. Known worldwide for the reliable carriage of frozen and chilled cargoes, Daikin Reefer remains wholly committed to supporting shipping lines and shippers in protecting cargoes, safeguarding quality, and achieving efficiency over the next 50 years and beyond.
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