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Women at WISTA 2018 who fly the education flag

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Monika Lemajic, Irene Rosberg and Monica Kohli

What an exceptional encounter we had during the main day in Tromsø, Norway, of the WISTA 2018 AGM and Conference! Serendipity is always the name of the game for us in the media and we continue to be blessed by Lady Luck!

During our week-long stay in Tromsø we were fortunate to meet dozens of WISTA ladies we have known over the years from all over Planet Ocean and to make new friends. It is always rewarding to meet women prominent in the shipping spectrum who in the past we have had occasion to mention in this, our allaboutshipping medium…

So as to our moment of fortuity: as were having with Anny Zade our post-lunch break on the pier in front of the Scandic Ishaven Hotel to unwind and get ready for two further intense major conference sessions, we saw Irene Rosberg, who is president of WISTA Denmark and programme director of the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (the Blue MBA) at Copenhagen Business School, with two of her students there.

For us it was a great opportunity to ask if we could have them live on camera and hear about their progress as well as their views on the WISTA conference. They accepted, so we found a convenient corner inside the hotel’s guest restaurant which was empty – what luck!

This happy meeting served to underline that specialist education is the only way forward in Shipping!

Both women were known to us for their professional excellence – Monika Lemajic for her views publicised on this site almost a year ago and Monica Kohli from events in London as well as from her Blue MBA enrolment back in 2015 !

We bring you below the live video with both of them as well as with Irene Rosberg; Ms Kohli is a 2017 graduate and Ms Lemajic will graduate from this part time degree course in 2019!

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