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All set for inaugural online marine surveying international fest

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Mike Schwarz

Presenters from the USA, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, mainland Europe  and the UK will be taking part in the inaugural Marine Surveying International Fest, a 24 hour non stop online marathon being hosted live from the head office of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS),  on 6-7 November. The Fest is supported by The Nautical Institute and Constellation Marine Services

“One presentation on an aspect of surveying will be presented on the hour, every hour – 24 in total,” explains IIMS CEO, Mike Schwarz. “Our speakers from around the world will come online to deliver bite size training. It is this type of innovative thinking and application that makes it possible for any surveyor or inspector anywhere in the world to get involved, to gain fresh knowledge and to keep themselves current in the marketplace. The Fest celebrates and recognises the importance of the marine surveying profession, and provides an opportunity to take on board new surveying aspects that play a vital role in safety at sea. .

Starting at 11.00 hrs (GMT) on Tuesday 6 November and running non-stop until 11.00 hrs (GMT) on Wednesday 7 November, the Fest will be opened by Mike Schwarz in discussion with Capt John Lloyd, Nautical Institute CEO. [Editors: see Note to Editors for the whole 24 hour programme]

Each hour on the hour, a new presentation will be delivered live (with two exceptions, where a pre-recorded video will beused) by a knowledgeable presenter somewhere in the world on a surveying related or relevant business topic. There is a balance between commercial ship and yacht and small craft content. The full programme is online at https://bit.ly/2xgenah

“I hope that surveyors who have been surveying for a number of years, who have not developed new skills and embraced disruptive technologies and who may have become complacent also take the opportunity to update themselves via the Fest,” says Mike Schwarz. “The 24-hours will provide them with an opportunity to take on board those vital new ways of thinking. It will be something of a surveying ‘Rumsfeld moment’ enabling them to come to terms with ‘known unknowns’; the 24-hour marathon will help turn them into ‘known knowns’.

“Unlike me and my team (who will be fuelled by take-away pizza) they do not have to stay awake for the duration of the Fest. For one £100 fee, surveyors at all levels can join the Fest taking advantage of as many of the 24 presentations over the 24 hours as you wish,” he adds. “And if you miss any presentations because the time does not work for you in your location, your fee gives access to the entire content after the Fest, which will be videoed so you can catch up.

“If you cannot make the date, but would still like to have access to the video content, which will not be made publiclyavailable until six months after the event, then the fee covers that option too. This is also relevant if you have an unstable or poor quality internet connection and cannot join live.”

After the event, the url changes to https://bit.ly/2OlrP2T

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