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ABPmer undertakes Port Marine Safety Code Assurance Audit in the Shetland Isles

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Shetland Islands Council, in its role as Harbour Authority, recently contracted ABPmer to carry out an assurance audit of its compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC).  

The Council operates a number of ports, the largest of which is Sullom Voe, a major UK oil terminal.  In addition, it also has responsibility for the operation of a number of smaller ports and piers located around the islands which service the offshore oil, gas and renewable sectors as well as fishing and aquaculture.

The PMSC applies to all Harbour Authorities and provides a national agreed standard concerning safety management of marine operations.  Under the Code, there is a requirement for Harbour Authorities to seek an independent and systematic audit to ensure that the Marine Safety Management System (MSMS) is being operated effectively. It is recommended that such audit is carried out every three years.

Monty Smedley, Head of Maritime Services at ABPmer said, “We were delighted to undertake an independent PMSC audit again for Shetland Islands Council.  Our compliance audits are undertaken in a similar way to the MCA’s port health-check, using the ten key elements identified in the Code as a benchmark”.

In addition, the Council requested a review of Sullom Voe’s port services with reference to the EU Port Services Regulations which are expected to take effect at the end of March 2019.”

ABPmer is a recognised provider of PMSC assurance audits and has a wealth of experience in supporting port and harbour operators. Their Master Mariners, marine scientists, auditors and regulation advisors offer a total port risk management solution.

Learn more at www.portriskmanagement.com 

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