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NO to single use plastics…

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Pupils of 1st Primary School of Alimos at HELMEPA’s exhibition

“NO to single use plastics”

by HELMEPA and the Embassy of Canada in Greece

Raising awareness among children and adults on the need to reduce single use plastics is the aim of the joint initiative of HELMEPA and the Embassy of Canada in Athens, which began with the production of 1,200 cloth bags bearing the motto “We say NO to single use plastics”.  

The dissemination of the cloth bags has already began to pupils and teachers of Primary and High Schools of Attica visiting the environmental Exhibitions of  HELMEPA, which are hosted at Member-companies Ceres in Piraeus and Costamare Shipping S.A. in Paleo Faliro, a seaside suburb of Athens.

During guided tours, HELMEPA’s scientific staff informs visiting children on the importance of seas and oceans for our everyday well being, the dangers the marine environment faces from human indifference and negligence and ways to protect it. The cloth bags are handed out to pupils and teachers at the end of their visit and emphasis is placed on the need to reuse packaging material as a small but very significant change we can apply in our everyday lives to contribute in the protection of the marine and wider natural environment.

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