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Proper perspective on emerging risks, In Conversation with Paul Tucker

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Commentary: Proper perspective on emerging risks

By Christopher Smart in Boston

You can hear the bearishness in everyone’s voices. They fear a market swoon in a world of unstable politics. Risks are mounting, as indicated by recent data signalling slight economic contractions in Germany and Japan.

There is plenty of room for unpleasant surprises, especially from higher debt servicing costs and continuing pressures on some emerging markets. But it is important to keep these risks in proper perspective against a global economy that is slowing, but still very strong, and political tensions that are distracting, but unlikely to trigger recession.

Read the full commentary on the website.

Podcast: In Conversation with Paul Tucker 

Paul Tucker

Paul Tucker, chair of the Systemic Risk Council and former deputy governor of the Bank of England, joins Mark Sobel, US chairman at OMFIF, to discuss international financial regulatory issues. Focusing on key concerns following the 2008 financial crisis, Tucker analyses the role of central banks in ensuring financial stability, regulating medium-sized banks, addressing the shadow banking sector, and the state of US macroprudential policies.

Listen to the recording, or search for OMFIF on your smartphone’s podcast app.

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