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Babcock International wins 21st ecoSMRT® contract

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Babcock International, the Aerospace and Defence company, has secured its 21st ecoSMRT® supply contract at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in South Korea, since first contract award in February 2018.

ecoSMRT®, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) single mixed refrigerant (SMR) solution, developed in collaboration with HHI, has attracted both global shipowners and shipyards and is now the market leading solution for LNG boil-off gas management.

Customers can ensure optimisation of their LNG carriers by reliquefying excess boil-off gas generated during transit, while benefiting from lower purchase and operating costs than competing SMR or nitrogen expansion systems.

The solution provides high-efficiency reliquefaction of LNG boil-off gas, using only an SMR circuit, without the need for external pre-cooling. This not only provides a significant reduction in footprint, but also means that ecoSMRT® requires just a single compressor – translating to lower maintenance requirements and reduced spares inventory.

The first ecoSMRT® module is set for delivery to Hyundai’s Ulsan shipyard in March 2019 for ship delivery and first operations in 2020.

Neale Campbell, Babcock LGE Managing Director, said: “ecoSMRT® has proven to be an attractive solution to shipowners looking to improve the overall efficiency of their LNG carrier, whilst reducing cargo loss.

“Understanding our customers’ needs has been pivotal to the success of ecoSMRT®. With demand for better operational efficiency at the forefront of customer requirements, ecoSMRT® will be fundamental to the LNG market going forward. We look forward to the continued success of ecoSMRT® throughout 2019.”

Babcock, which thrives in complex environments requiring specialist engineering expertise, delivers a range of solutions designed to support the growing liquefied gas market, including ecoSMRT®, Vent Gas Cooler (VGC™), FGSV0™ and SuperCooler™ technologies.

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