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Mendoza offers a taste of its rich body of wines

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Marcela Terranova

Mendoza offers a taste of its rich body of wines

By Marcela Terranova  

 When you are born in Mendoza, Argentina, you do not just happen to get involved with the wine culture but the wine culture gets involved with you. This might be the result of a school trip to a wine cellar, choosing viticulture as a school project or for you thesis, celebrating a wedding at a cellar or just enjoying a degustation with friends.

Wine in Mendoza is more than just a drink. The biggest sections in supermarkets are devoted to wines, and probably you will spend most of your time around them. Generally the first time we try wine we don’t like it, but maybe that’s because that it is often when we are 6 or 7 years old; at ten you are already allowed to drink from the glasses at Christmas and New Year  parties. A traditional barbecue without wine or just with beer rarely happens and when it does there must be a very good excuse behind it.

It is increasingly common to hear of Argentinian wines and in recent years they have been officially introduced to the whole world. And if we must name the most important city of wines, then we must say Mendoza. Which it is famous and well known for its quality of intensity, its fruity character, and a fleshy enveloping palate. As its internationally known slogan puts it, “Mendoza: land of sun and of good wine “.

In the foothills of the Andes Mountains are located the oldest vineyards of Mendoza province. In the areas of San Carlos, San Rafael, Luján, among others.  It is common knowledge that in the localities close to the mountains is a great thermal range between day and night. This allows the grapes to reach an excellent concentration of tannins, which gives structure to the wine because of the high altitude and low humidity. It is important to mention that the Malbec grape was brought to Mendoza province in 1860 by the French and today is the only place in the world where it is planted. It constitutes one of the 18 most important wine grape varieties.

A couple of years ago, I and my associate Jomil De Gennaro left Mendoza to pursue our personal dreams. But the love for wine comes from very deep inside us, and transcends borders and cultures; it wouldn’t have left us even if we had spent 100 years away from our home territory.

Don Rosendo, Nonino, Malbec por favor, and ten more brands we represent have been part of Argentinian wine culture for over a decade now. With the help of our personal oenologist Dr Pablo Cabello who enjoys great prestige we hope we can introduce this fantastic selection of wines to Europe.

What better place to start this ambition than London. This cosmopolitan capital, the most cosmopolitan city of Europe, is home to thousands of wine lovers from all over the world. And we are keen to share our wine culture with them.

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