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IFSTS 2019 sponsored by Tsakos Group

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IFSTS 2019 sponsored by Tsakos Group /  ATHENS, AEGLI ZAPPIOU

The event is free of charge; however, an invitation is required. SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, 4th of June. Location: Aegli Zappiou

10 ++ motives, not to miss it. Register now for a place.


New development on STS will be presented, such as:

[1]. What is the impact of the quality assurance of STS Service Providers, to tanker operators?

• What are the minimum acceptable quality standards?

• Are Charterers/Cargo owners conveying their assurance to tanker owners?

[2]. A Verified SMS system for STS Service providers.

• What are the benefits for Shipowners and their masters when the STS Service Provider has a verified SMS system in place?

• How prompt and what are the resources needed for a start-up STS Service provider to develop an SMS system?

[3]. As a shipowner, you are requested to undertake an STS operation in new and probably “uncharted” STS location.

• What is the minimum infrastructure and resources required and what are your charterers’ obligations?

[4]. How can simulators be utilized for estimating thresholds in STS operations.

• Can owners rely on such findings, towards supporting their risk assessment?

[5]. Findings from incidents/near misses during STS operation of the year 2018.

• What are the worldwide trends and how can you develop a process to substantiate your risk assessment with real findings?

• New VIQ-7 requirements for STS. Are they needed or just a paper exercise?

[6]. STS Hoses.

• The first ever STS hose ISO guidelines in effect.

• Regional Standards on STS Hoses. Is Safety and pollution prevention a regional matter?

[7]. The recent PTB transfer guidelines issued by OCIMF and Ship-to-Ship.

[8]. STS Records and GDPR

• Do Ship-owners “have to” retain POAC experience on a record? Do they “have to” inform the POAC when doing so?

• What is the difference of a record or a Database?

• What is the position of the Hellenic Data Protection Authorities?

[9]. Gap analysis of current STS industry guidelines.

• Do we expect to see new STS guidelines coming into effect soon?

• What do shipowners suggest as a change into current guidelines?

[10]. More Case studies and Presentations to be launched

It is for the common benefit to identify and avoid substandard technics. IFSTS provides a noncommercial ground amongst industry stakeholders and experts for sharing their experience and achieve this goal.

SAFETY is a Common Interest

By support and sponsor IFSTS, we are promoting:

Proactive Safety Culture;

Prudent Management and

Environmental awareness.

IFSTS is a safety-oriented forum that focuses on bringing the industry together to discuss the major safety issues regarding Ship to Ship transfer operations as well as the quality standards. All participants will gain knowledge and inspiration for new ideas towards ensuring safety, best practices and pollution prevention.

What is the scope of IFSTS 2019 sponsored by Tsakos Group?

• To be an open forum available to all STS Stakeholders;

• To allow the sharing of best practices, and Tanker operators’ view, based on their past STS experience;

• To present new developments in STS operations worldwide (regulations, standards, new locations etc.);

• To propose measures that ensure healthy and sustainable competition that will improve safety standards of the STS service providers;

• STS service providers quality standards and procedures, with case studies from industry related bodies;

• Manufactures of STS equipment will present new developments and standard;


Further information available online at www.ifsts.net , Email at: info@dynamarine.com

Be there, Be Aware !



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