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American Club: Board news

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Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman and CEO, Shipowners Claims Bureau, Managers for The American Club

JUNE 21, 2019

Dear Member:
At the one hundred and second Annual Meeting of the Members which took place in New York yesterday, all those Directors who had been nominated for re-election, as notified earlier to the Members, were duly re-elected for a further twelve months.
In addition, Ms. Irene Marinakis of Marinakis Chartering, Inc. and Mr. Nicholas Tragakes of Global Maritime Group Inc. were elected as new Directors of the Club. They were welcomed with enthusiasm to the Board, in anticipation of their making a valuable contribution to the business of the Club over the months and years ahead.
Some weeks prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members, the Board had received the resignation of Mr. Panagiotis J. Christodoulatos of Ikaros Shipping and Brokerage Co., Ltd. Members and the Board acknowledged Mr. Christodoulatos’ resignation with regret, but with sincere thanks for the considerable support and wise counsel he had supplied to its deliberations during his years as a Director of the Club.
Members and the Board also noted with regret the retirement from the Board of Mr. Markos Marinakis of Marinakis Chartering, Inc. Having first been elected as a Director of the Club in January 1997, Mr. Marinakis had served with great distinction over the years, having been Deputy Chairman of the Board between 2007 and 2018. He was thanked most warmly by Members and Board alike, and wished the very best of good health and good fortune on his retirement from the Club’s affairs.
At the Annual Meeting of the Club’s Directors, which took place immediately after that of the Members, Mr. George D. Gourdomichalis of Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A. and Mr. Robert D. Bondurant of Martin Resource Mgmt. Corp. were re-elected as, respectively, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board.
At the same time, Mr. Joseph E. M. Hughes, Chairman and CEO of the Club’s Managers, Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc., was re-elected as Club Secretary, and Mr. Lawrence J. Bowles was re-elected as General Counsel.
Yours faithfully,
Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman & CEO
Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc., Managers for

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