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2018 results: Heppner confirms its growth strategy as turnover exceeds €700m (up 5.3%)

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Jean-Thomas Schmitt, CEO of Heppner.

2018 results: Heppner confirms its growth strategy as turnover exceeds €700m (up 5.3%)

With revenue of €715.5m, Heppner grew by +5.3% in 2018. The main revenue driver was an ambitious strategy of growing the group’s international business (44% revenue) which reinforced Heppner’s position as independent leader in international trade to and from France.

These results also confirm robust growth in the group’s strategic priorities (international and
forwarding), measured expansion in the delivery business in France to build margins and quality and,
in line with the plan launched three years ago, lower revenues but higher margins in the logistics


International – Heppner consolidated its network in 2018 and achieved sustained organic growth of
+11% in international land transport and +9.7% in freight forwarding.

  • In the international land business the year included the acquisition of Hamacher Logistik, a
    specialist in international transport from the Gronau region on Germany’s northern border
    with the Netherlands. Subsidiaries HaCas (Netherlands) and EuroBeta (Spain) were integrated
    in the group and renamed Heppner HaCas and Heppner EuroBeta in 2018, bolstering the
    group’s activity. 2018 was also marked by the realization of operational synergies between
    these new subsidiaries and the French offices. More recently, Heppner announced two new
    partnerships: in Poland with Pekaes and in the UK with PalletForce.
  • Freight forwarding: Heppner has introduced a partnership with Gebrüder Weiss, after 20 years
    of development via an exclusive partnership with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. Through this
    new partnership, Heppner opens the possibility of expanding its freight forwarding business
    outside France, in particular in Western Europe and Africa. Heppner and Gebrüder Weiss share
    common values and take a similar approach of operational excellence. The two companies
    have been working together since 1985 in the land transport business.

Innovation – In a highly competitive market in the throes of technological change, Heppner has put
digital transformation at the heart of its development strategy. In 2018, the group launched the
“Magellan” programme, revamping its digital transformation roadmap. This is structured around 4
pillars: customer experience, operational excellence, employee experience and disruption.
2018 included the transformation of its ERP, with a switch to Sage, the roll-out of its value-added offers
and the “Star” offers to address the challenges of e-commerce, as well as the choice of IBM’s
technology roadmap to modernise its TMS system.

Talents – Heppner continues to invest in its talents. One of the key events in 2018 was the launch of
the 2nd Heppner university, the realization of e-learning training programmes and the continuation of
the “école des ventes” (sales training academy) which encourages work-study courses. In 2018, the
group also reaffirmed its leadership to reduce inequality at work, reaching a score of 89/100 in the
gender equality index Homme-Femme 2018. This HR policy was recognised in early 2019 by Capital
magazine as Heppner entered the ranking of the “500 best employers in France”.

Groupage France: +1.8% vs 2017
Chartering France: + 5.4% vs 2017
International land transport: +11% vs 2017
Overseas: + 9.7% vs 2017
Logistics: -25% vs 2017

“Our 2018 results show the group’s positive dynamic and enhance the confidence of our customers.
Heppner combines an ability to develop its strategy in the long term with fast decision-making in a
highly competitive environment. Our strength lies on our agility both in our business model and operationally” said Jean-Thomas Schmitt, CEO of Heppner.

About Heppner
With a €715.5m turnover in 2018 and 3,100 employees, Heppner, a transport and logistics solutions creator, is the leading independent specialist for international trade to and from France. Founded in 1925, Heppner now has more than 70 sites in France, 10 offices in Germany and has established itself in the Netherlands and Spain. Its cooperation with strong partner companies, all leaders in their market, enables the company to serve 157 countries. As a tailor-made solutions provider, Heppner offers a combination of know-how in delivery and batch transport in France and Europe, air and sea transport worldwide and customs and logistics services. www.heppner.fr

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