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TT Talk – Focus on freight crime

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TT Talk – Focus on freight crime

9 JULY 2019

Focus on freight crime

Aspirationally containerisation would reduce the likelihood of cargo being stolen in transit. Of course, the reality is that crime has merely become more sophisticated and for organised crime the rewards are too substantial to be ignored. Successful security innovation and enforcement continue to lag behind, as evidenced by these articles.

I hope you find these articles useful.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox
Risk Management Director, TT Club

Review of global cargo theft in 2018
TT Club and BSI Supply Chain Services & Solutions have teamed up again to produce a full year analysis of cargo theft, together with some further loss prevention commentary to assist those considering how to combat this on-going threat.
Freight crime – an investigative experience focused on the United Kingdom
Signum Services Limited serves to conduct investigations worldwide on behalf of TT Club and its Members. This article draws on the experience and observations of these former senior detectives, with particular focus on crime in the UK.


Legal eagle: Conflicts of laws and time-bars
An interesting reminder in the multi-layered relationships of the maritime supply chain that care needs to be taken to attend in a timely fashion to securing recourse in all jurisdictions in which a dispute might be brought.
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