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Fly me to the Moon

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Fly me to the Moon

Fly me to the Moon Travel newsletter volume 41

Eyes wide open

Dear Traveler,

August is a month of new discoveries, relaxation and spending quality time with your loved ones. That sweet time of year when we travel to switch off, to recharge our batteries and to fuel our passions — so that when we return, we are ready to conquer new heights.

In our Eyes Wide Open issue our idea is to introduce you to another dimension of inspiring experiences which Greece offers. A country known for its unique aspect of life, traditions and culinary treasures — Greece is truly a people’s place in every way. With this in mind our corporate retreat proposal of the month highlights the traditional aspect of Greek life. Rather than experiencing through observing, your team can become part of a community, broadening their perspectives and introducing them to new ways of thinking. Embark on a rewarding journey of an unforgettable hands-on experience!

Nature has a beautiful way of unveiling its mysteries, and Greece is a country where you can experience some of nature’s greatest gifts. You’re sure to encounter many splendid vistas during your travels in Greece. But there are some famous viewpoints in Greece so spectacular that they are destinations in themselves. We tell you where they are!

On a final note, one of the sweetest pleasures of Greek summer is enjoying an evening of cinema under the stars, just as the locals do. The open air cinema is one of the simple, nostalgic pleasures that recalls the Greece of decades past, and is truly a favorite local pastime.

Our team wishes you all a happy August, safe travels and relaxing holidays. See you again in September!
Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou

Local Traditions & Trade


Imagine your team joining communities in timeless local traditions – like village feasts honoring a patron Saint in a grand festival, the ancient ritual of harvesting grapes, or fishing Greece’s storied seas. These rare experiences will give them an entirely new perspective of teamwork, expand their cultural and social horizons, and give them a deep and concrete sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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Greece’s Most Famous Vistas

Along with history, culture, and archaeology, one of the main things that draws so many millions of people to Greece is that it’s simply breathtakingly beautiful. Experience the wonder of Greece at its very best by making a point of taking it in from an optimal viewpoint.

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A Night Under the Stars

One of the most wonderful pleasures of the Greek summer is delightfully simple – an evening of cinema under the stars. Greece has many open air cinemas. Lush gardens strewn with white pebbles and furnished with deck chairs become a favorite destination for locals to enjoy the sweet evening air, the cascading bougainvillea, and a starry sky above – and, of course, to see a film!

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