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Lukoil Lubes ready for Compliant Fuels

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(l to r) Aravinth Sridharan, Nikeel Idnani, Sanjiv Wazir, June Manoharan, Saif Anabtawi & Sajeevhan Manoharan

Lukoil Lubes ready for Compliant Fuels

Dubai, 25 July 2019

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) UAE branch hosted a conference sponsored by Lukoil where 151 industry professionals rendezvoused to unravel the Sulphur 2020 conundrum, discussing technical and operational aspects and creating resilient fuel emission strategies. It is evident that IMO 2020 continues to dominate deliberations in shipping as three oil majors, in the past 2-months, have provided their perspective in the Middle East, to comply with the Sulphur 2020 cap deadline.

Nikeel Idnani, Honorary Secretary of the IMarEST UAE branch, after pounding the gavel, emphasized the critical nature of managing the transition as a radical new marine fuel environment is established. He referred to the growing concern among ship operators on the availability, affordability and appropriateness of the new energy sources. Furthermore, he stressed that lubrication characteristics will need to adopt to the new fuels and Lubricating Oil management will be a topic brought into sharp focus.

151 attendees!

In his presentation, Sanjiv Wazir, Technical Manager at Lukoil Marine Lubricants highlighted that ship operation is driven by IMO regulations and the economic need for improving fuel efficiency especially when burning high cost compliant fuels. He shared an overview of Marine Fuels post 2020 including IMO projected fuel usage, possible compliant fuels, advantages and concerns regarding fuels such as conventional HFO, ULSFO (Sulphur content < 0.10%), VLSFO (Sulphur content < 0.50%), LNG, LPG, Methanol, Biofuels, Hydrogen/Fuel Cells, Batteries, Wind assisted propulsion and Ammonia.


Interactive discussion with audience

“Engine manufacturers have expressed concerns about cylinder oils for compliant fuels and the need for a rebalanced CLO to cover future needs. Lukoil has introduced such a rebalanced product – Navigo MCL Extra, suitable for use with compliant fuels”, said Sanjiv. He revealed, “another LUKOIL innovation for managing the changing fuel scenario is the intelligent Cylinder Oil lubrication unit iCOlube® which automatically blends high base number CLO with fresh or used system oil to adjust the BN of the resulting cylinder oil, fed at an optimised rate, commensurate with changing engine load and fuel Sulphur content”. Sanjiv went beyond mere facts and figures including appeals to both emotions and credibility during a vigorous dialogue with the delegates who had their say on how the global 0.50% Sulphur regulation will impact and irrevocably change the fuel and lub oil sectors. While Sanjiv acknowledged that the 2020 regulations will cause a paradigm shift for the bunker market, he remarked that conscientious companies are diligently preparing for appropriate air emissions compliance options for their vessels.

NIkeel Idnani

However, those shipowners ambivalent due to uncertainties on fuel quality, availability and costs may fall foul of regulators, cautioned Sanjiv. Moreover, P&I clubs would turn down claims arising from violation of the 0.5% S cap.
The key focus for attendees constituting a cross-section of the Middle East shipping fraternity at this IMarEST meeting was on the technical challenges and realities vexing shipowners after the tumultuous upheaval and recalibration caused by IMO 2020 and considering future environmental regulations.
“The world economy depends on shipping and it is incumbent on the IMO to protect and preserve this lynchpin of global trade”, exclaimed Nikeel.

June Manoharan, Director of Lukoil Marine Lubricants emphasized, “This marks another landmark milestone for LUKOIL as we seek to maintain our leading position in the market. Having received OEM approvals as early as 2017, I’m proud to highlight LUKOIL is one of the first oil Majors to come up with a fully approved range of reformulated products ready for the upcoming regulations. In addition to this, we also have our patented iCOlube unit which will play a key role in not only cutting down the cost of lubrication, but also cutting down emissions and increasing service intervals. As our track record has already proven, we are pleased to consistently be well ahead in terms of being prepared to support our customer’s requirements.


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