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Dry Market bounces back… but Geopolitics might spoil the broth..

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained 28 points and now stands at 1,748; on a weekly basis though same was down 4o points – from 1,788… Geopolitics continue to cause headaches and ultra CAUTION should be observed. John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recaps:

The Capes’ BCI was up 41 points to 3,222 but down 170 points on a weekly basis – from 3,492!

The Panamaxes’ BPI seems to be this week’s driver and today with 59 points the BPI stands at 1,898 points. A good triple-digit points brought the BPI to this level as last week it stood at 1,779; well done!

Minor gains but positive ones for the Supras’ BSI now at 970 – up 11 points. The rebound was positive for the week too with two points plus since last week’s 968 points!

Buoyant Handies and the BHSI was up two points since yesterday at 523 and five since last week’s 517!

The Wets with mixed feelings; on a daily basis the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 627 minus one and 488 – minus four points respectively. On a weekly basis the Dirties gained six points – from 621 and the Cleans 21 – from 467 respectively…

All in all the Dry market bounced back and that’s a positive sign but still it is too early to celebrate as last time round two weeks ago we had hiccups; remember eh! Remind you that today the BDI is 499 points below that as of the end of December 2013 when it stood at 2,247 points

We maintain the view that the situation all over Planet Ocean is such that put’s a brake so to speak to the Markets… It’s a multi perplexed and enigmatic situation coupled with major financial disorders – see the world’s debt at US$ 250 trillion; the warring atmosphere, the Trade Wars and that will also lead to social upturns making shipping a bit difficult for all – the medium to small shipping entities will soon face major problems which lead to extinction… Add the expensive over-regulation and you will see why for so long and how long ago we stressed the fact that shipping will become shipping for the very, very, very few…

The WTI stood at US$54.50  which is US$ 1.16 cents below last week’s US$ 55.66… still awaiting the manna from heaven to see same dropping below the US$ 50 mark!

The turbulent Geopolitics becoming more perplexed with:

The MIGRANTS causing “tremors” particularly in Europe…

Turkey’s behaviour might ignite even Wold War III – Caution! At the same time all responsible are conspicuously silent!!!  Turkey’s violations in the Aegean, stirring up the Balkans, the entire east Med – see Cyprus EEZ mess, Syria, Iraq and North Africa – see Libya  are “monumental”. CAUTION as with the Turkish – German, Turkish – USA worsening relations things can get sour …

Greece does its best both internally as well as externally… Its EU partners MUST choose between Greece and Cyprus as both are EU members and Turkey. Can anybody be serious for once in NATO and the EU?

The Balkans with the coming wave of mess between Serbia and Kosovo as well as other issues might be again in the eye of the cyclone

Italy is heading fro a collision course within and I guess the only  way out is definitely yet another election. The country holds a world record on elections since the end of WWII… CAUTION…

BREXIT begins to shake Planet Ocean from its foundations… Watch this space…

The EU must get its act together or else!!

Iran might soon find out that either there must compromise or face the consequences from Uncle Sam who might even go it alone; Britain might be the only coalition supporter at this stage… Ultra caution should be observed! A naval foce safeguarding the freedom of navigation at the Strait of Hormuz is more than a MUST!!!

Nearby the Indian vs. Pakistan stand off for Kashmir is also dangerous as both countries have nukes! CAUTION!

The North Korean medium range ballistic tests are more than annoying for all… You can’t compare the drilling of the USA and South Korean armies with these tests and possibly with a new weapon…

The USA vs. China Trade War continues and many will become CTL (Constructive Total Loss)…   mind also the China vs. Taiwan “arguments”… Mind also the main issue in the region:L the south China Sea issues!!!

What’s next in Hong Kong? Monday Monday and cross that day? the situ there might get more than sour!

Japan watching on the sidelines; never ever underestimate Japan!

South America still has the cancerous issue of VenezuelaBrazil too must get its act together… Watch out for Argentina and its political development going for a surprise…

Putin’s Russia continue its own agenda. By the way he is now in reality 20 (twenty) years in power and calls the shots!!

Mind the environment; too many fires all over. That’s too bad for all. In our view the 2020 is a big hype… if you object to this I can take anybody live on a A1 TV  and entertain them all accordingly!

All the above greatly affect the shipping industry and conversely the freight rates on Planet Ocean whose debt is US$ 250 (twohundredandfifty) trillion… Any takers…?

On another tone and note we are saddened with the passing of Takis – Panagiotis Vasilakis one of Planet Ocean’s fathers of Cosmic enhancement; art at its best! Blessed and immortal!

Have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean. Have a nice weekend and also a great Holidays / vacations if you call it… month as August is the one for the majority of us,  particularly on the northern hemisphere! Enjoy, unwind and have fun… Try to see the wold with a posrtive thinking out from the Box but be CAUTIOUS


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