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Hot Port News from GAC



Updates of the Maritime Traffic Regulations for the Turkish Straits
Friday, August 16, 2019, Turkey

With effect from 15 August 2019, the legal status of ‘’The Maritime Traffic Code for the Turkish Straits’’ has been changed to ‘’The Maritime Traffic Regulations for the Turkish Straits’’ with the published official gazette and presidential decree.

The following important articles have been found in the new regulations.

The additional paragraph in Article 26 (Vessels’ restricted ability to manoeuvre in the traffic separation scheme) regarding the transit issue for Dangerous Cargo carried vessels at Dardanelles states:

“Any dangerous cargo carrier is not allowed to enter the strait until the ahead of the vessel is passed from the Nara Point which is inside of the Canakkale Strait. However, these similar type vessels can be scheduled in case of keeping the safety distance between that vessels which are the 6 NM after taking the necessary precaution in the strait by Canakkale VTS Authority in order to avoid increasing the number of waiting vessels and reducing the risk in the anchorage area at Dardanelles,”

The additional paragraph in Article 28 (Taking Pilot) regarding the taking of pilotage and tug assistance services states:

“The pilotage and tug boat assistance services in the Turkish Straits are given by the Directorate General of Coastal Safety on behalf of the related ministry and this authorization is not delegated.”

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