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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Wednesday, 25 September 2019)

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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Wednesday, 25 September 2019)



September 25, 2019

Global Markets

The leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives announced last night a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, data from both sides of the Atlantic disappointed, with the US CB consumer confidence index falling more than expected in September and the business expectations component of Germany’s September Ifo deteriorating once again.


The visit of the institutions’ heads to Greece is concluded today and according to press there are some deviations between the institutions and the Greek government regarding the 2020 Budget, which the government will seek to bridge through structural measures.


Turkey: Following the completion of the 2019 article IV mission, the IMF stated yesterday that it revised the GDP growth rate forecast for 2019 to 0.25% instead of a 2.5% contraction in April.

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