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Your Transformation Update from Fathom.World – 13 Oct 2019

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Your Transformation Update from Fathom.World

Hello and welcome to the week’s Transformation.

I believe the first scrubber was trialled on a ship (the UK ferry Pride of Kent) in 2006, and even then wash water quality was being tested. Now 13 years later the discussions about wash water continue, but to a point that there are now thousands of ships with systems installed.

While these exhaust scrubbing systems may only be a short-term solution, it does certainly look like those owners that have been early movers to install this environmental technology could be about to find themselves punished with an overboard discharge ban. The perceived hypocrisy of rule makers by shipowners makes our top story this week. We have also got a look at research and technology that is pushing transformation in Norway as well as in southern France.

We have another story of a company taking up biomimetics, this time with a cetacean inspired fin, and also a look at how industry really needs to tell a different story to begin really attracting the next generation seafarer from around the world.
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