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LSLC’s 25th Anniversary Dinner

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LSLC’s 25th Anniversary Dinner

A 25-year voyage around the world of shipping is set to continue

In a quarter century of navigating the unpredictable currents of commercial and legal maritime matters, the Forum for Shipping, Commercial Law & Dispute Resolution has provided a world class platform for parading the developments and issues that really matter to the shipping industry.

Since it laid down its marker in 1994, the London Shipping Law Centre and Business Forum has organised over 300 seminars, special events, workshops and debates on key subjects, always with an eye to significance and topicality.

With its quarter century of experience, no organisation is better placed to look ahead and ask the broadest question: How does the future of shipping reflect on and learn from the past? This will be the theme addressed by The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, the former Lord Chief Justice, and Mr. Matheos Los, former Chairman of the West of England P&I Club at a 25th anniversary reception and dinner at the Savoy, London on November 27th.

Over the 25 years, luminaries from shipping practice, the law, commerce and industry bodies have informed, explained and commented on key subjects to audiences of maritime professionals from London, other parts of Britain and overseas. Contributions from the floor have always enlivened the sessions.

The most frequently visited ports of call have featured regulations on shipping and ship safety, risk management, shipbuilding, insurance, arbitration, time and voyage charters, salvage, contracts’ construction and damages, collisions and new regulations. The ever growing raft of EU Directives and international conventions affecting shipping worldwide with their sometimes conflicting requirements have been very much to the fore.

The flagship Cadwallader debates have focused on civil law reform, pollution, ‘rust buckets’, criminalisation, ship safety, masters’ authority, Flag States, Port States and Classification Societies, ship refuges, corporate social responsibility, terrorism, passenger ship disasters and IMO conventions and regulations.

Cumulative attendance at all these events has been well over 20,000.

The Forum has supported the activities of the Young Maritime Professionals group, set up by the Forum’s Chairman in 2011 and aimed at developing younger practitioners’ knowledge, skills and leadership, and at extending networking.

“This 25-year celebration is a landmark event for our Forum which is essentially the industry’s forum,” explains the Centre’s Founder and Chairman, Dr Aleka Sheppard.

“There have been breakthroughs in original thinking. The risk management series led the way in assessing and calculating aspects of ship safety. The outstanding Cadwallader debates have had a positive effect upon regulators over time.

“The Forum has achieved so much for education and business development within our industry throughout the period. Its success has stemmed from the synergy created between maritime professionals, the valuable contributions made by our faculty participants, the invaluable support by the judiciary, and the continuing enthusiastic support from members and sponsors. We look forward to the Forum continuing its role.”

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