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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Wednesday 8, January 2020)

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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Wednesday 8, January 2020)



January 8, 2020

Global Markets

Market sentiment on risk assets worsened today on the back of increased fears over a wider conflict in the Middle East following news that Iran fired rockets at US-led forces in Iraq. Increased risk aversion favored gold and oil prices as well as fixed-income markets. 


According to press, at the Euroworking Group that is scheduled to convene tomorrow the Greek representative may discuss the possibility of more flexibility in the use of the primary surpluses over-performance The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Gaming Commission is likely to convene in the coming days to approve the candidate(s) that may proceed to the next phase of the tender for the Hellinikon casino license.


Bulgaria: The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) announced that it will place five-year domestic bonds worth of BGN 200mn on behalf of the Ministry of Finance on January 13. The annual coupon will be set at 0.01% and paid semi-annually.

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