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COVID-19 Latest developments from transport workers

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COVID-19: Latest developments from transport workers

Tuesday, March 17- Brussels

Ahead of tomorrow’s extraordinary meeting of the Council of Transport Ministers, the ETF is once again reiterating its previous demands to the European Commission (6/0311/0313/03).

All transport sectors are being heavily affected by the ongoing crisis, and we are seeing various measures put into place. While we commend taking action, we would like to highlight that none of these measures should lead to permanent loss of jobs or the reduction of salaries. Employees’ social rights must be protected in all cases. Whatever changes are made to working conditions, these must be temporary, negotiated with unions, and no measure should be used as an excuse to take away workers’ rights.

The ETF is in constant contact with our members, and our most current letter, sent today to the European Commission, highlights all the latest developments in each sector and can be found here.

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