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Turning a Year of Crisis into a Year of Healing

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Turning a Year of Crisis into a Year of Healing

The unprecedented global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made one thing clear, even to the most sceptical. Our health is inextricably connected to the health of the Planet.

The environmental organisation Healthy Seas, sees 2020 as a year of a unique opportunity to re-establish our relationship with nature and biodiversity, by highlighting the role of the ocean and its important contribution to our wellbeing.

Veronika Mikos, Director: “We are losing species at a rate never recorded in history. The United Nations dedicated the last decade (2010-2020) to effective and urgent action to halt the loss of biodiversity. Healthy Seas together with its partners has been working towards this goal as well. While we were preparing to celebrate 2020 as the super year for nature and biodiversity, the emergence of COVID-19 became a harsh reminder of just how much healthy communities and our own health depend on healthy ecosystems.”  

Raising awareness and acting today is an absolute must, to safeguard our future, health and prosperity and to make climate change, ocean pollution and biodiversity loss, part of human history.

Friend of Healthy Seas, Pierre-Yves Cousteau: “We must protect nature, even if our intentions are only as narrow as to protect ourselves. Even if we fail to recognize nature’s inherent value and right to exist. Even if all we look at is the economic bottom line. We must not hope to return to normal, because normal was the enslavement of present and future generations, the discarding of nature as an externality, the consecration of individual greed.[i]

Considering this year as an important milestone for present and future generations, Healthy Seas has created 3 visuals, which will be launched on 3 important dates:

May 22nd – International Day for Biodiversity

June 5th – World Environment Day

June 8th – World Oceans Day

Take Action! Until June 11th, Healthy Seas invites the public to take action by sending-in their videos. For more information visit: https://www.healthyseas.org/healthy-seas-healthy-future

[i] https://cousteaudivers.wordpress.com/2020/05/20/coronavirus-thoughts/

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