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Cádiz-Port launches its neo Cádiz Bay project by holding the first web seminar

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Cádiz-Port  launches its neo Cádiz Bay project by holding the first web seminar

Alexandra de Marichalar presented the conference on “Marine Renewable Energies: The current scenario in Spain and the challenges for the future. The Bay of Cadiz and its perspectives for the Sector”.

Friday, June 12th, 2020. The participants in the I Digital Meeting on the Renewable Energy Sector, met last Wednesday, June 10, through an online webinar. Neo Cadiz Bay, is configured as a project that will allow the implementation of Cadiz as a logistics platform of reference in southern Europe.

Rafael Fernández, President of the Cádiz-Port Association, was in charge of presenting the event. “In this new stage, we want to take on the challenge of thinking together to expand business opportunities as a key to the social and economic development of our environment”, said Rafael Fernández. The president of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz, Teófila Martínez, who was present as a guest at this first meeting, dedicated a few words showing her total support and confidence in the initiative, emphasizing that in the face of challenges of this nature “we must believe in ourselves and begin to act”.

The speaker, Alexandra de Marichalar, Senior Manager Energy Advisor of Enzen Spain, made an impeccable presentation on marine renewable energies, contributing some of the keys and the impact that this emerging sector, in which several countries of Northern Europe have already established their strategies, would have on the Bay of Cadiz.

In addition to the fact that Spanish legislation on renewable energies needs to be updated, making it equally necessary to establish the planning of maritime spaces, Alexandra de Marichalar highlighted the advantages of such facilities being located in maritime areas that are the responsibility of the Port Authorities and, above all, “the importance and need to have large storage and warehousing spaces”, which our Bay can boast.

The good response to the call, with more than a hundred registrations from a total of 5 countries, has demonstrated the great interest in the project as well as the key positioning of the Bay of Cadiz in the sector.

Both the video of the seminar and the presentation will be published on the Cádiz-Port website. http://www.cadiz-port.org/eventos-2

It should be remembered that the next appointment to be marked on the calendar will be next Wednesday 17 June, through the Zoom platform at 17:00. Webinar: “The Bay of Cadiz: A critical and constructive vision on the future of the renewable energy and offshore industries”. José Luis Hidalgo, Energy Senior Surveyor at Lloyd’s Register Spain, will be in charge of the presentation.

The registration period for this seminar is now open. You can register by clicking on the following link:


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