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Weekly Brief: A Unique Partnership, Reimagined—TED@BCG 2020

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Weekly Brief: A Unique Partnership, Reimagined—TED@BCG 2020

To BCG’s network around the world,

In 2013, we decided to try a one-year collaboration with TED to celebrate our 50th anniversary. The relationship continues today and has become one of my favorite experiments in my time as CEO.

Through this partnership with TED, the innovative media organization devoted to spreading ideas, we have curated TED@BCG events in Singapore, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Toronto, and Mumbai. We’ve produced 131 TED talks together, which collectively have had more than 115 million views. We’ve combined TED’s signature style of storytelling with BCG’s unique ability to conquer complexity and bring insight to light, and the results have really been thrilling.

The success of this experiment is an important reminder of the value of partnerships, since one single organization can never have all the answers and skills. It’s paramount for leaders to stay on the lookout for unexpected relationships that will make them stronger.

A particularly surprising benefit of our partnership with TED has been a cultural transformation within BCG. Presentations at our practice area meetings are no longer speeches, but TED-like talks. Shorter and punchier is valued over the traditional hourlong keynote. And we’ve learned the necessity of putting our audiences first, finding ways to connect with them authentically and with vulnerability.

For our next TED@BCG event, it’s time for a new experiment. Next month, you’ll receive an invitation to join us on October 21 for TED@BCG 2020, a fully virtual production. The theme will be “Symbiotic,” with a focus on ideas about a future in which people, technology, and nature thrive interdependently. I hope you will be able to join us for the thought-provoking ideas this reimagined TED@BCG will bring.

In each of my weekly emails I send to you before this event, I will include one of my favorite TED@BCG talks from years past—starting with this fantastic one, below, from BCG’s Jim Hemerling, which has had more than 2.5 million views.

I also want to draw your attention today to our most recent edition of the COVID-19 BCG Perspectives Series, providing a comprehensive look at the current state of the restarting process around the world. You can find this link below as well.

And for the next two weeks, this Weekly Brief will come from guest writers—starting with BCG’s Nikolaus Lang, who will be sharing his thoughts about the future of global trade. I know you will find it a valuable read!

Rich Lesser
Chief Executive Officer


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