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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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Carleen Lyden Walker

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Like all industries, there are many faces to the work we do and the services we provide.  Shipping is a noble industry with many facets.  Most are good, which goes unrecognized.  Unfortunately, it is the bad and the ugly that captures the attention of the public and becomes the “face” of the industry.

For the past several months, tremendous efforts have been made to illuminate the value of the industry to global society in its delivery of essential food, medical supplies, goods and energy and how the COVID-19 epidemic has impacted our ability to effect crew changes because mariners are not classed as “essential workers”.  The nobility of their work has been upheld, and the sacrifices they have made by continuing in their jobs well past their contract dates communicated.

The actions of a small cadre, though, cast a shadow over the entire industry.  As details emerge of how the Wakashio came to run up on a reef in Mauritius, defiling pristine protected waters with over 1,000 tonnes of bunker fuel, the storyline rapidly devolves to the bad and the ugly.  Charges of poor seamanship by its flag state damn the actions of the ship’s leadership team as they deviated off course to gain telephone and internet connectivity.  The lack of these basic services damns the company, and the spill itself damns our industry.

Life isn’t perfect.  Mistakes happen.  But an event like this illuminates weaknesses in our global industry that are not tolerated in a world of increasing transparency, accountability, and instant global communications.  These events, completely founded on human error, must end if we want the value proposition of what we DO contribute to be recognized and honored.

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Carleen Lyden Walker
     Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador

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September 9, 2020 
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Microsatellite launched for ship tracking

2020-09-08 –exactEarth, a provider of Satellite-AIS data services, announced the successful launch of the ESAIL microsatellite. The satellite is developed under ESA’s ARTES Partnership Project for global ship tracking. . . READ MORE
New blockchain platform for the supply chain launched

2020-09-03 –US-based blockchain company ShipChain announced launch of ShipChain Mainnet, a new blockchain platform, seeking to achieve a modular system across the entire supply chain. . . READ MORE
Decade of Decarbonization

U.S.’s First Tri-Fuel Vessels Feature Battery, Diesel and LNG Power

2020-09-02- The United States’s first commercial tri-fuel powered vessel is being introduced with the addition of battery power to an existing vessel. Fourteen months after announcing that it had retained ABS to class the conversion. . . READ MORE
Deep Dive: Safety on the High Seas

Poor seamanship cited in Wakashio investigations

2020-09-09- The Panama Maritime Authority has hit out at the level of seamanship onboard the Anglo-Eastern crew managed Wakashio in the hours leading to its grounding on a reef off Mauritius on July 25, creating one of the island republic’s greatest ever ecological disasters. . . READ MORE

IMO Uses Upcoming UN General Assembly to Renew Focus on Crew Change

2020-09-08- The International Maritime Organization Secretary-General Kitack Lim took the opportunity of the upcoming General Assembly of the United Nations to repeat his calls for governments to take swift action to resolve the crew change crisis. . . READ MORE
Decade of Digitalization

Advanced digital systems the way ahead for ships: Stopford

2020-09-04- The digital revolution at sea is already under way and the evolution of ship design will follow that of automobiles, according to Dr Martin Stopford, non-executive president of Clarksons Research Services. . . READ MORE
Source: Seatrade Maritime News

Rewriting Shipping & Logistics With Technology to Boost Utilization

2020-09-08- Capacity utilization and lack of transparency are major challenges for ocean carriers and truckers alike, and that comes at a cost to both consumers and the environment. . . READ MORE
Deep Dive: Energy Alternatives

Swedish consortium unveils wind-powered vessel capable of carrying 6,000 vehicles

2020-09-08 – A Swedish consortium including Wallenius Marine is set to give a sneak peak of its revolutionary new wind-powered car carrier design this Thursday. The Oceanbird, capable of carrying 6,000 vehicles, has been created. . . READ MORE

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