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ABS lecture on Technology at Piraeus Chamber of Commerce

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ABS lecture on Technology at Piraeus Chamber of Commerce 

The American Bureau of Shipping and the University of Piraeus collaborate on Technology and Education

On the 17th of September 2020, a scientific maritime symposium was organized at the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce by the University of Piraeus, with which ABS has developed close links in the area of training, in conjunction with the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce. The Rector of the University, the Mayor of Piraeus and the Minister of Maritime Affairs, as well as other government officials greeted the symposium and presenters included Academics, Maritime Executives and Post-doctorate students. .


ABS Global Ships Systems Center director, Chris Leontopoulos, gave a lecture about “The Future of Marine Technology” with an overview about the current and future technologies within the framework of the current IMO legislation strategies for carbon intensity and GHG emissions reduction. Ship technologies from smart integrated systems to 3D printing and from electric-hybrid powertrains to Flettner rotors were also presented.

Albeit the large room of the prestigious building, the number of attendees were limited to 35 due to Covid-19 best practice measures applied and the event was live-streamed through the internet site https://maritime-unipi.gr/evep/


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